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Hong Kong Disneyland’s advantages: 1. Hong Kong has advantages such as geography, population, adjacent to the largest market in the world. Within 5 hours flying time, covering half of the world’s population. 2. well-known brand–Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World cultural genius lies in its culture around the world to be “United States-processing”.

Classical inheritance of the culture has a strong sense of self-ability, Disney have cultural capture world of classical culture that last forever tree body, to fight the United States fashion the essence of “production” rather than “writing” mode to bulk sales of 3. Advanced technology and management philosophy of “SCSE” charm at Disney University, is the most typical dialogue exercises training new employees: Instructor: “we all know that McDonald’s hamburgers.

What did Walt Disney production? ” New employee: “Disney to bring joy to people! ” “Happy” Disney whether or not it is located in what part of the world, is pursuing a “SCSE” business philosophy, safe (safe), polite (civility), performance (show), efficiency (efficiency). Disney connotation to it: to ensure our guests comfort and safety; our staff polite; ensure that our performances are full of magic; guarantees our business with high efficiency. 4. the Romans do, positive Park localization.

Disneyland after transplanted to Hong Kong attach great importance to the Feng Shui layout. Regardless of is paradise entry, also is small to a spent a grass, and a tree a wood, are after Feng Shui Division carefully planning; Disney Company more in Park within Hotel ad hoc a to “five” for theme of “Feng Shui in the restaurant”, not only in restaurant layout joined “gold, and wood, and water, and fire, and soil” elements, even meal single also to “five” for theme.

Disadvantage: cultural differences; Preparation for 6 years of opening of Hong Kong Disneyland on September 12. Back in 1999, in the face of financial crisis, economic downturn, high unemployment rate in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Government at a roll of more than 20 billion yuan, fighting for the Walt Disney Company in Hong Kong to build paradise, intended to take to revive tourism, on help Hong Kong’s economy on the right track. Hong Kong Government expected, Disney theme park in Hong Kong on the next 40 years creates statistics of 148. billion yuan. However, European Disney World experience has shown in Paris suburbs, this flagship Disney is famous, but not invincible. More than 10 years in the past, Euro Disney has been hard, park visitors barely satisfactory. Many commentators have pointed out, European Disneyland opened were Waterloo, mainly built in the early 80 ‘s unprecedented success of Tokyo Disneyland, Disney’s forgotten overseas investment risk, determined to France and the next town.

However, the strong French national, Euro Disney failed to France local cultural harmony, with setbacks. The world’s smallest, recreational facilities at least, lack of interaction and control of amusement facilities; Hong Kong Disneyland only 126 hectares, almost as United States Florida Disney World (12,228 hectares) of 1%. There are 16 …

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