SW 100 Multi Choice Questions

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After witnessing or experiencing an event that involves actual or the threat of injury, death or serious danger, a person has experienced,
Post Traumatic Stress
Which of the following is not an individualistic theory to explain criminal behavior?
Social Disorganization
The broken window theory suggests which of the following?
Neighborhoods where police tolerate misdemeanors will most likely experience more felony-level crimes
Which of the following is not a social work position on crime and criminals?
Refer more children who commit crimes to the adult criminal justice system
Behaviors which are only illegal for people young enough to be considered minors are referred to as which of the following?
Status Offenses
Which of the following is/are important for social workers to know about juvenile female offenders?
Research shows that the first step along females’ pathway to offending in violent victimization
Which of the following was not a major movement in mental health?
The Reciprocal Care Movement
A compulsion toward a specific behavior despite negative consequences, and a psychological and/or physical dependence on the behavior or substance being abused is known as which of the following?
Which of the following statements is not true?
It is hard to pay for treatment because substance abuse is not included in the American’s with Disabilities Act.
The strengths perspective requires the case management process to be driven by which of the following?
Client-identified goals
The stage of drug and alcohol treatment where the client often needs to be forcefully confronted about the addiction and the need for treatment is which of the following?
An approach which addresses the supply side of the drug problem includes which of the following?
Law enforcement programs
Which of the following is NOT a micro intervention in the case of disaster:
Discharge planning
Which of the following would not be classified as “positive stress”:
Separation or Divorce
Which of the following does NOT apply to CBT:
CBT therapies are relatively long in duration
Which of the following is descriptive of EMDR:
It incorporates components of several therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and body therapies
The Older American Act (OAA) of 1965 established which of the following?
The Administration on Aging (AOA), and Are Agencies on Aging (AAA)
Which of the following statements most accurately represents the situation of the majority of Americans over the age 65?
They are economically independent, active, healthy, and live in their own homes.
Which of the following is not a common legal challenge faced by people as they age?
Low percentages of older people voting
Which of the following is not a goal of case management with the elderly?
Conducting support, therapy, or recreational groups
Which of the following is true for managed care health insurance plans?
They are designed to screen out unnecessary and inappropriate care
Which of the following groups are not among those most likely to be uninsured?
The poor
Which of the following statements is true about the U.S. health care systems?
Most people have private insurance coverage and the government covers all those who do not
Which of the following is not a type of developmental disability?
Parkinson’s Disease
The Recovery Movement refers to:
A move away from the medical, disease-based focus of mental health treatment, to a wellness and recovery-based model.
Which of the following best defines “Empirically-based practice”?
It draws on research to evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of interventions
The Mental Health Parity Act does which of the following?
Prohibits insurers from imposing lifetime- and annual-benefit limits on mental health services that are not imposed on physical health care
Which of the following is not a component of crisis intervention?
A focus on early life experiences and childhood memories
Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of what type of group?
Self Help Group
Which of the following is/are reasons for social workers to become involved in community practice?
Building political power and improving access for marginalized people
Which of the following would not be an activity for a social worker engaged in advocacy work?
Trying to persuade the state legislature to raise taxes
When a case manager listens to a child’s wish not to continue visitation with a parent who maltreated her, the case manager is:
Respecting her self-determination
Which of the following stages of development is marked by the development of attachment relationships as seen in children’s recognition and interaction with their primacy caregivers and other significant people in their lives?
As a social worker, when a friend in your neighborhood informs you that her husband is abusing their two children:
You are mandated to report the abuse to a child abuse hotline
Children are considered vulnerable and in need of special attention and advocacy because of which of the following?
They rely on adults to make their needs known to decision makers
Upon learning that a five year-old child is still sleeping with his or her parents, a social worker should do which of the following?
Take the culture of the family into consideration before judging the situation
During the 21st century, which of the following is not a primary reason for the predicted dramatic increase during the 21st century in the percentage of people who are older?
More children being born
Which of the following is an example of institutional discrimination?
Failing to have access on a college campus for a person who requires a wheelchair
The idea that inequities exist due to innate biological characteristics:
Refers to belief in biological determinism
When a person experiences a problem and becomes frustrated and angry and looks for someone else to blame, he or she is engaging in which of the following?
A model of intergroup relations where people retain their unique cultural characteristics, while they mix socially and economically with other groups is known as which of the following?
Cultural Pluralism
“Social Construction” refers to which of the following?
General agreement about how we perceive and value members of social groups
Which of the following most accurately describes the differences between an immigrant and a refugee?
Immigrants come by choice while refugees come to escape persecution
The development of skills that reflects a true understanding of diversity and ability to practice with diverse individuals is known as:
Cultural competence
Which of the following practices is not used by social workers to gain cultural competence in their practice with diverse social groups:
The Medical Model
Which of the following is true about U.S. demographic characteristics?
The Latino population is expected to double over the next 50 years
Which of the following theories emphasizes short-term intervention?
Crisis Intervention
Cultural competence in social work practice refers to the fact that social workers:
Should develop behaviors, knowledge, skills and attitudes to work effectively across cultures
Which of the following is not true of a theory?
Must be agreed to by the majority of people in a profession to be true
Which of the following is a theoretical framework commonly used by social workers?
Strengths Perspective
If a social worker determines that a person is struggling with a problem that is caused by something in that person’s environment, they are most likely to take a:
Macro approach to solving the problem
Social justice can be described as:
The level of fairness that exists in society
Which of the following does not represent institutional (non-residual) services:
Food Stamps
According to Elizabethan Poor Laws, which of the following groups would be considered “worthy”?
Which of the following provisions were not part of the Social Security Act of 1935?
Unemployment insurance
Which of the following laws or programs were NOT instituted in the 1960s as the value of social responsibility were more accepted?
Civil Rights Act for Gays and Lesbians
OASDI or Social Security provides benefits in which of the following situations?
For survivors when a family member who is working dies
Which of the following is not true about Mary Richardson?
Primary focus was working conditions
Which of the following is not true about Jane Addams?
Primary focus was teaching
The official poverty line in the United States is:
Measured in absolute terms
The “culture of poverty” refers to which of the following beliefs?
People learn to be poor from growing up in impoverished areas
The Stewart B. McKinney Act was passed to:
Address the problem of homelessness through—
Which of the following is/are true about the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF)?
Limits the amount of time “lifetime”
The “devolution of services” refers to which of the following?
From federal level to state level
Which of the following is an example of oppression?
Lack of funding for school districts that serve poor communities

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