superimposed boundaries and challenges landlocked countries in africa-aphug frq

in 1884, Auto Van Bismark-the German chancellor wanted to pit countries against each other so he invited them to the Berlin Conference toscramble for land in Sub-Saharan Africa
who were the representatives of Africans at the Berlin conference?There were none
Europeans felt like they had the right tocolonize Africa when people already lived there

did the colonization of Africa benefit Africans?nah m8
20-___ million population after Leopold the 2nd-Belgian king- made people of the Congo into slaves8.5
After colonizers left Africa, the Africans were left with horrible things such asunstable goverments
arbitrary borders
dependency on the outside world
Europeans could colonize Africa one quinine-___________- was widely produceddrug that fights against malaria
Europeans thought they were the superior ____ to Africansrace
exploiting resources
getting money from a land that wasnt originally yours
what colonialism is all about:)
a boundary that is put in after a population has settled and which ignores pre-existing cultural spatial patternssuperimposed boundary
mulitnational/multiethnic stateseparate nations within the same territory
multistate nationculture group split into pieces, made into minority gorups
internal struggleincreased likelihood of religious, ethnic, or tribal conflict
external struggleincreased likelihood of international, regional, or cross border conflict
loss of culturecultural groups separated and put w/other ones could cause them to disappear or smash with a new one; either way not like how it was originally
new languageeuropean or regional languages (swahili) became official language or lingua franca
cultural syncretism (synthesis)between culture groups of single country
migrationmay increase # of refugees or IDPs; tradational or seasonal migration patterns disrupted
government changemation building difficulties
nonviable states formation of new independent states
relocated capitals
loss or limited access to natural resourceseconomic dependency
ineffective governancegovernments, antecedent treaties laws less affective
landlocked countrySTUFF VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV (dans africa)
access to the seano access to:
international economic market
ocean resources
increased costs of importscustoms
transportation costs
increased cost to export goodcustoms
transportation costs
limited road or rail transportation for imported goods in bulkmore break of bulk points
economic cooperationprovisions and resources under law of the sea
have to arrange to use another countrys seaport to export and import goods coming to/from ships across ocean
vulnerabilitycan be cut off politically or from global trade by hostile neighbors
surrounded by one or more countries, so they could be easily attacked militarily