Study Guide For Photography

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All lenses have a minimum focusing distance.
Aperture is like the pupil in our eyes.
As the aperture closes, more light comes through the lens.
False (Less)
Depth of field is affected primarily by shutter speed.
False (Aperture)
Low-angle shots are done by placing the camera above the subject and shooting down.
Prime lens have only one focal length and cannot zoom.
Shutter speeds are measured in units of length (like inches).
False (Time)
Think about Aperture & Depth of Field – as the aperture closes, the depth of field will increase.
When working with aperture and depth of field – you can choose what to have in focus: the foreground, mid-ground, background or all three.
Portrait photographers most commonly use wide-angle lens.
Aperture and shutter speed are separate entities that do not affect each other in any way.
False (Do)
Working with manual mode reggaes the most knowledge about how the various aspects of the camera work.
Shutter Priority mode is often represented as an “S” or “Tv” on the camera controls.
Night photographs are usually taken by just holding your camera and shooting the photograph.
When you take a photograph of a person or animal looking to one side of the photograph, it is also often a good idea to include active space in front of the person or animal.
Tunnels and archways can be used as frames in photographs.
Studies show that our eyes are drawn first to the center of a photograph.
Which aperture setting gives a very shallow depth of field compared to the other numbers?
Which lens is typically used for sports or wildlife photography?
Which shutter speed freezes actions best?
An excellent way to control depth of field is by using……
Anything below _______ shutter speed, a tripod is helpful and recommended.
Aperture is measured in what?
Which of the following has the largest aperture opening?
A shallow depth of field means that what part of the photo will be in focus?
Only a small portion that you choose
Which camera mode gives the photographer the greatest amount of control?
If you wanted to take a picture of someone playing soccer, which mode would you be most likely to try?
Shutter Priority
Shooting photos at night, you would want to use ____.
A tripod
Using the Rule of Thirds, how many squares are produced on the grid of the photograph?
Active space is important in which type of photograph?
An artistic interpretation of an event, person, or object. Its purpose is to tell the viewer something about the subject.
The position of the camera in relation to the subject.
Point of view
The amount of time the shutter door is open allowing light to expose the sensor.
Shutter Speed
How much is in focus from near to far?
Dept of field
The adjustable opening of a lens through which light passes.
Camera is below the subject looking up
Low Angle Shot
Which lens is best used for landscapes and group photos?
Wide angle shots
Camera is above the subject looking down
High angle shot
A small window that you look through to compose and focus the scene you are photographing
The prime lens
Normal lens
Had to be returned to Eastman for processing
100 shot box camera
Is credit with producing the photograph
Joseph Niepce
First Camera
Camera Obscura
Invented dry-plate negatives-could be developed anytime after exposure
Richard M
Invented instant photography
Edwin Land
First practical photographic process
Was used by photographers to fire in order to take flash photography
Magnesium Powder
Process that produces a finished black and white print in 60 seconds
Polaroid Instant Photography
“You press the button; we do the rest
Invented the Calotype process
William Talbot

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