Study Guide for Network+ Test #3 [Chapter 9-12]

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When is bus topology WAN the best option to use in an organization?
when used only for a few sites and the capability to use dedicated circuits.
What is a cipher lock and where is best used?
Cipher locks (one brand name is Cypher Lock) are physical or electronic locks requiring a code to open the door. Best used for
Do most Linux desktop operating systems provide GUI applications to easily view system logs?
Do T-1 cables follow the same wiring scheme as LAN patch cables?
In virtualization do problems in one guest system affect another guest system?
Yes, if a host machine fails, all its guest machine will fail, too.
What is Data Communications Equipment (DCE)?
What is the first step in asset management?
The first step in asset management is to inventory all the components on the network, which include nodes or hardware devices on the network and software
What is included in a security policy?
Are VLANs considered a Layer 2 solution for segmenting a network?
Is TCP preferred over UDP for real time services?
Which Class of network can be subnetted?
Class A,B,C networks can all be subnetted
What are the advantages of network segmentation?
Network segmentation separates the parts of a network that have access to sensitive information from parts that are more vulnerable to compromise.
What are packet runts, giants, jabbers and ghosts?
What are external-band management system?
in-band management systems = telnet and ssh; they use the existing network and its protocols to interface with the switch.
What is a historian?
which is a centralized database of collected an analyzed data and control activities. This data is often analyzed to recognize trends in the physical system
What is a trunk port used for?
is the interface on a switch that is capable of amanging traffic among multiple VLANs. its a trunk is a link between 2 switches’ trunk ports.
What is PCI DSS?
PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – Security standards created by the PCI Security Standards Council to protect credit card data and transactions, require network segmentation as part of their security controls.
What is ambient data?
Hidden data on a computer, suh as deleted files and file fragments, as well as information about who has accessed that data and when
What should first be done when a destructive program is destroying evidence?
if a destructive program is running that might be destroying evidence, the fastest and safest solution is to unplug the power cord from the back of the machine (Not just from the wall)
What is IEEE 802.1aq?
Know steps of a response policy?
1. Determine if escalation is necessary
2. Secure the Area
3. Document the Scene
4. Monitor Evidence and data collection
5. Protect the chain of custody
6. Monitor transport of data and equipment
7. Create a report
What port number do SNMP agents receive requests?
port 161
What is IEEE 802.1Q?
What is a patch?
update or a fix
What device allows communications between VLANs for exchange of data?
Router or layer 3 switch
How many channels exist in a T1 connection?
24 Channels
What are the differences between cold, warm and hot sites?
* Cold site – a place where the computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, but they are not appropriately configured, updated, or connected
* warm site – a place where the computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, with some pieces appropriately configured updated, or connected
* Hot site – a place where the computers, devise, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, and all are appropriately configured updated, ad connected to match your networks current state
What is a CSU/DSU?
What is biorecognition access?
Biorecognition access – physical security solution in which a device scans an individuals unique physical characteristics.
What is IEEE 802.1d?
What the requirements to use a softphone?
* An IP telephony client, such as Skype or Counter Patch
* The ability to communicate with a digtial telephone switch, such as that provided by the Skype or CounterPath services
* A microphone and speaker, or a headset
* For video calls, a web cam
What are advantages of leasing a frame relay circuit?
you only pay for only the amount of bandwidth required and is less expensive than some other wan technologies depending on your location and its network availability
What is a routing prefix in an IPv6 address?
the network prefix
What topology connects each site to two other sites for redundancy?
Ring Topology
What is a media gateway controller?
MGC (Media gateway controller) – or call agent, a computer that manages multiple media gateway it facilitates the echange of call signaling information between these gateway when used for call switching its called a softswtich
What are the advantages of using virtualization?
* Efficient use of resources
* Cost and energy savings
* Fault and threat isolation
* Simple backups, recovery, and replication
What is out-of-band management?
out of bound management – can provide onsite infrastructure access when the network is down , or ocmplete remote access in cases of connectivity failures on the network, such as via a cellular signals.
What is a legal hold?
court order to hold a computer
In VoIP, what is a unicast transmission?
a single node issues a stream of data to one other node. streaming video services and nearly all issued over a public network such as the internet are examples of unicast transmissions
When should you use host-only mode used in a virtual network?
Host – only mode is appropriate for test networks or if you simply need to install a different operating system on your workstation to use a program that is incompatible with your hosts operating system.
Which xDSL standard is the most popular?
When should you use bridged mode in a virtual network?
for virtual servers to reach out to other default gateways and to communicate with other vlans
What is a degausser used for?
degausser – a magnetic hard drive eraser pg 621
What are DMZ used for?
used for added security and guest network
How do you prevent VLAN hopping attacks?
VLAN hopping can be prevented by disabling auto trunking and moving the native VLAN to an unused VLAN, meaning that untagged traffic would essentially run into a dead-end.
What are RJ-48 used for?
RJ-48 terminates t1 traffic being carried by copper cabeling
What is a maintenance window?
Maintecance window – the time period in which a change will be implemented pg614
What is a network tap and packet sniffer used for?
network tap or packet sniffer – device usually has thee ports; 2 ports to send and receive all traffic and third port that mirrors the traffic,, sending it to a computer running monitoring software in promiscuous mode pg444
What two layers of the OSI model are LAN and WAN protocols differ?
lans and wans may differ at layers 1 and 2
What is backleveling and downgrading?
Rollback – aka backleveling or downgrading, is the process of reverting to a previous version of software after attempting to patch or upgrade it
What is a traffic and packet shaping?
traffic shaping aka packet shaping – manipulating certain characteristics of packets, data streams, or connections to manage the type and amount of traffic traversing a network or interface at any moment
What two competing standards exist for cell phone networks?
* GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications) – an open standared that suses digital communication of data that is separated by timeslots on a channel, and is accepted and used worldwide
* CDMA (Code Division multiple Access) – differs from GSM in that it spreads a signal over a wider bandwidth so that multiple users occupy the same channel, a technology called spread-spectrum
What are IP PBX and digital PBX used for?
* IP PBX – can connect with traditional PSTN lines and data networks
* Digital PBX – analog and can connect to a voice-data gateway
electrical signals on the wire…. no data
a device that handles electrical signals improperly , usually affecting the rest of the network.
packets that are smaller than the mediums minimum packet size.
packets that exceed the mediums maximum packet size.

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