Study Guide for Fahrenheit 451: "The Hearth and The Salamander"

What do firmen do in the world of Fahrenheit 451?
Burn books

What is written on the firmen’s helmets?

What are the two professional symbols that Montag wears?
A salamander and a phoenix disc

What does Montag sag he always smells like?
Kerosene, also known as gas

Who does Montag run into on his way home?
A girl, Clarisse McClellan

Why is it ironic that so many people are afraid of firmen?
We see them as heroes in modern time, they burn stuff instead of putting stuff out

How do the doors work?
Scan your hand/ slide

What is etched on Montag’s igniter?

What did Montage hit with his foot?
Empty pill bottle

What is Montag’s wife’s name?

What are the two machines being used on Montag’s wife? What do they do?
Pump stomach out, outs blood in

Where does the laughter that Mintag hears come from?
Clarisse’s house

Explain Montag’s toaster. What does it do!
Butters the toast/ it has a hand

What did Mildred remember of the night before? Or what did she pretend to remember?
Nothing/ They had a party

What kind of program is Mildred going to watch in the afternoon?
Interactive TV show

Explain Montag’s television. What does Mildred want for the television that Montag claims they cannot afford?
3 TV walls/ wants a 4th TV

What does Clarisse rub under her chin? Why?
Dandelion/ to see if she was in love

What dies Clarisse’s psychiatrist want to know?
Why does she act that way

According to Clarisse, how is Montag “not like others”?
He talks + listens to her

Describe the Mechanical Hound.
Metal/ 8 legs/ needle

What do the firemen bet on dull nights?
Which animal will get caught 1st

What happens when Montag touches the muzzle of the Mechanical Hound?

How did Montag escape the Hound and get to the upper level of the firehouse?
The pole

What is Montag’s theory on why the Hound reacted the way it did?
Someone programmed it to kill him

How many times before had the Hound reacted this way toward Montag?
2 times

Why has Montag never had children?
Mildred doesn’t want any

What is different about Montag’s laugh?

Explain a school day in the world of Fahrenheit 451.
No one talks/ no one ask questions

Why does Clarisse find it odd that people find her to be antisocial?
She’s very social

Name one thing that Clarisse talks about that is different today than in the past.
Violence/ conversations

What did the radio in the firehouse say?
“War will be declared” soon

What happens to people that try to fool the government?
Asylum / House + books burn

Why was Montag foolish to use the phrase “Once upon a time”?
He’s read it before

What is the history of Firemen of America
1790, Ben Franklin was the first fireman

How is the fire engine described?
Orange Dragon

What was different at the woman’s? What did Montag not like about the way things were being done?
She was in the house / there was a person there

What does Montag do with the book that lands in his hand?
He hides it

What does Beatty say to the woman about the books?
They are nonsense

Who started the fire at the woman’s house?
The woman

What piece of information does Beatty share with Montag that or refers back to something the woman had said?
He knows where the quote can from

What questions does Montag ask his wife when he finally talks to her?
Do you remember when we 1st met

What does Montag cry about?
Crying about not crying if his wife died immediately

What does Montag notice about the television shows?
There is no storyline

What does Mildred say about Clarisse to Montag?
Clarisse is dead

What did Montag imagine being outside his window?
Mechanical hound

What excuse is Montag trying to use to avoid going to work?

Why does Montag not want to go work anymore? What are some revelations has he had?
The questions of burning books, they are someone’s life work, it took a long time to write

Who comes to visit Montag?

What does Mildred find behind Montag’s pillow?
A book

What word became a swear word?

Why does society lower the kindergardwn age year after year?

According to Captain Beatty, if you don’t want a man unhappy politically, what do you do?
Don’t give them a side to a political question

What does Beatty say about firemen taking books?
24 hours to burn or they’ll burn them for him

According to Clarisse’s uncle, why did the architects get rid of front porches?
So people wouldn’t talk or think

About how many books had Montag hidden in the ventilator?

What happens right before Mongah and Mildred being to read the books?
Beatty is at the door

Guy Montag
Tall, dark hair, shaved face, almost blue singed by flames. Marriage with Mildred is like acquaintances. Only one that listens and talks to Clarisse. He is a fireman because his grandfather and father were firemen.

Mildred Montag
Montag’s wife. Always whining. Marriage with Montag is like acquaintances. Unstable and relatively greedy, very impatient.

Clarissa McClellan
Seventeen, not normal, “anti-social”. Acts older than her age. Questions Guy frequently. Listens to her uncle, who knows about things people don’t know. Guy is the only person that listens to her. She spends her time in the forests if she’s not talking to Guy.

Captain Beatty
Bully, kinda smart. He’s smart because he’s aware of the history of the firemen. No longer sensitive to things.

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