Study Aid for the Western Hemisphere Geography Test

Flashcard maker : Ben Powell
Question Answer
a body of water surrounded by land lake
a body of water that extends into the land gulf or bay
a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water strait
one of the great salt water bodies of the earth ocean
a land form surrounded by water island
a land form that sticks out into the water peninsula
a narrow land form that connects two larger land masses isthmus
one of the 7 great land masses of the earth continent
the land bordering a sea or ocean coast
a group or chain of islands in the ocean or sea archipelago
a dry region that receives less than 10 inches of rain per year desert
a region where trees are the main form of plant life forest
a forest region that receives exceptionally large amounts of rain rainforest
a plain that is covered in grass grasslands
the grasslands of North America prairie
the grasslands of South America pampa
a region made up of high and steep land forms mountains
a cold, relatively dry region covered with snow for more than half the year, has relatively few trees, and has frozen subsoil tundra

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