Stress Management test #1

Experience of a perceived threat to one’s mental, physical, or spiritual well-being. Resulting from series of psychological responses
3 typs of stress
Eustrese-(good) stress that keeps you healthy
Neustress-(neutral) depends on situation
*Distress-(bad) cause mental/physical turmoil. Type of stress associated with illness and disease
Two types of distress
Acute- very intense intense, disappeared quickly
*chronic- your intense, continues for a long time
What causes stress situation, circumstance or perceived threat
(Biological influences, psycho intrapersonal influences, social influence)
Category that most stressors fall into
Thoughts, Values, beliefs, attitudes opinions used to defend indentity
Life changing unit (LCU)
The unit used to measure stress
Fight or flight
Triggered by anger/aggression, and territorial boundaries, used for short duration, fuels body for endured movement
General adaptation syndrome
Alarm: system triggered for shrvival
Resistance: body tried to recover
Exhaustion: target organs shoe signs dysfunction
Einsteins wellness components
Intelectual well-being: ability to gsther, orocrss, recall, and communicate info

Physcial: optimal functioning of bodies 8 systems

Emotional: ability to feel and express full range of human emotions and to control them rather be controlled

21st century lifestyle stress
Stress that accompanies a proliferstion of technology, urban sprawl, and gut info
Techno stress
Stredd from technology
Feeling overwhelmed by technology
Shallow effect
Cherry picking info, jumping from site to site
Compromisig ones abikity to concentrate or focus on something long enough to fully comprehend it
Nature deficit disorder
Gap between people and outdoor world
3 types occupational stress
Burnout: exhausted physcially snd mentally from over working

Absenteeism: not going to work die to illness/exhausted

Presenteeism: being at worl but to productive/ motivated

Fight or flight mode
“Immediate response”
Release epinephrine
The relaxation system
Energy conservation, released acetylcholine
Hormone responsible for homeostasis
Endocrine system
Series of glands in the body, regulated not abolish for endurance not speed

4 components: glands-hormones-circulation-target organs

Adrenal cortex
The part of the kidney that releases cortisol
Allostatic load
Medical term for stressed out
Brains ability to make me connections to brain cells, generate new cell growth, recruit brain tissue
Brains ability to create and repair cells
Abnormal or poor sleep quality
Louis Pasteur
“Germ theory”
Disease came from strength of microbe, not immune system
Propelled immunizations, antibiotics, and pharmaceutical industry
Claude Bernard
Coined term homeostasis
Suggested condition of body and its state of health determined illness
Propelled good living practices, attitudes, and nutrition were essential
Boryensko model
Recognized as most accurate description of immune system
Model separates illness into autonomic and immune dysregulaton
Migraines, ulcers, hypertension, asthma
Responsible for digestion and respiration
Allergies, infections, lupus, cancer
Immune system components
Composed of network of several organs
Bone marrow: produce stem cells and leukocytes
Thymus: turns stem cells into T-cells
Lymph nodes: T-cells and B-cells housed
Spleen: T-cells and B-cells housed
Responsible for elimination of internally mutated cells, travel through body and scans cells to check DNA
Emanate pathogenic micro that contribute to infection, circulate through blood
Gerber model
Alternative hypothesis
Symptoms that appear in physical body are manifestation of problems that occur earlier as result of disturbance at higher energy level
A vortex of energy
Thoughts and feelings pass through layers of human energy
Pelletier pre model
Model that claims the use of alternative medicine should not be disregarded
Positive emotions can enhance immune functions
Level of the vain controlling appetite, temp, pain
Where the adrenal glands test
Dress MGMT techniques to boost immune system

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