Stress Ch 1-8 Practice

Which of the following is not in the sequence of the fight-or-flight response?
Limbic system releases ACTH from the hypothalmus
This type of stress is most commonly associated with illness and disease:
Chronic Stress
The “tend and befriend theory “proposed by Shelley Taylor speaks best to the coping technique used by:
The Yerkes-Dodson principle suggest that:
After a certain point, stress can impede one’s performance/health
This factor(s), above all else, determines ones degree of stress:
One’s perception or interpretation
Conceptually speaking
the stress response is antiquated in today’s rapidly changing society where few stressors are of a physical nature.
Everyone has their own “life changes” or stressors. According to experts who track this information, these three “events” top the list of most stressful events during an average year:
Death of a family member, death of a friend, and parental divorce
Experts suggest that most stressors fall in this category
psychointerpersonal influence
The Yerkes-Dodson Theory suggests that:
there is an optimal stress level that promotes performance
Regarding stress management, the holistic wellness paradigm suggests that:
One should address the mental,emotional, spiritual aspects of well being.
The Newtonian view of medicine is wrong.
Stressfully speaking, the anxiety from the digital divide, information overload, and cell phone proliferation can be summed up as:
Cognitive surplus is a term that best explains
digital consciousness with online media
the term “shallow effect” is related to this concept:
the dumbing down of Americans from Internet exposure
People on cell phones show a driving impairment measurable of:
0.08 blood alcohol level
The non-inert substance in plastic is associated with problematic changes in one’s hormonal balance

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