Strategies for writing an effective paragraph

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Why are we learning how to effectively write a paragraph?
We will be writing a descriptive paragraph using Imagery, Figurative Language, and Strategies.
Topic Sentence
Identifies what the paragraph is about(the main focus or impression[how you feel/ how you want the audience to feel]). It can be used as a hook to grab the readers attention. Usually the first sentence.
4 Different Writing Purposes
Supporting Details
Specific information to develop big ideas.
Closing Statement
Wraps up the paragraph; also known as the clincher statement.
Persuasive Paragraph
Ideas organized from least-greatest importance.
Explanatory Paragraph
Ideas organized logically.
Narrative Paragraph
Ideas written chronologically
Strategies to write effective topic sentences
-Set the scene(narrate, describe)
-Ask a question(explain, persuade)
-Use vivid details(describing, persuading, narrating, explain)
-State an unusual fact or intriguing detail(persuade)
-Give a command(persuade)
Strategies to write supporting sentences
-Sensory Details
-Facts or Statistics
Strategies to write closing sentences
-Restate the main idea in different words
-Summarize details
-Suggest a course of action
-Provide overall opinion.
Big Ideas
Main ideas to be developed in the paragraph; organized logically, chronologically, or by order of importance; organization must suit the writing purpose.

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