Stone Ages/Early Cul Stone Ages and Early Cultures

Question Answer
Prehistory the time before there was writing
How long ago was writing invented? about 5,000 years ago
To study prehistory, we rely on the work of _____________ and ____________. archaeologists and anthropologists
Hominid early ancestor of humans
"Lucy" was found in 1974 by Donald Johanson. What can you tell me about Lucy. Lucy is believed to have lived more than 3 million years ago. Johanson could tell Lucy could walk on 2 legs. This was a key step in human development.
What give us information about early humans and their ancestors? discoveries of ancient bones
Homo habilis means…. "handy man"
Who were closely related to modern humans because they had a larger brain (about half the size of modern humans)? homo habilis
Homo erectus means…. "upright man"
Who used stone tools like the hand ax and learned to control fire? homo erectus
Homo sapiens means…. "wise man"
Who are the same as modern humans? homo sapiens
How many periods was The Stone Age divided into? 3
Each period of The Stone Age was based on what? The kind of tools used at the time
Tool any handheld object that has been modified to help a person accomplish a task
Paleolithic Era the 1st part of The Stone Age
How long did the Paleolithic Era last? about 10,000 years
What kind of tools were used duriing the Paleolithic Era? Stone tools mainly to process food. (They made the edge of one side of the rock sharp or jagged.) Later, they began to make tools like a hand ax and spear for hunting.
Society community of people who share a common culture
Hunter-Gatherers people who hunted animals and gather wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive
What did the men do in Hunter-Gatherer societies? hunted
What did the women do in Hunter-Gatherer societies? Gathered and stayed close to camp to take care of the children
What was the most important development in the early Stone Age? Language
What did language help people do? It was easier to hunt in groups. It allowed people to form relationships. It allowed people to resolve issues, like how to distribute food.
How were cave paintings created? As part of a hunting lesson.
Cave paintings may have been used to teach children how to identify what? What they are hunting
People used what to express themselves, teach hunting, and teach religion? Cave paintings
What was the Ice Age? A freezing time when huge sheets of ice covered most of the Earth's land.
How long ago did the Ice Age end? about 10,000 years ago
What did the Ice Age force people to do? To start moving
Many people believe that ocean levels dropped and land bridges were exposed because of what? ice
Land bridge a strip of land that connects 2 continents
What do many scholars believe helped people to begin spreading all over the Earth? Land bridge
What area was the last to be settled by early humans? South America
Besides fire, what else did people in very cold areas do to stay protected? They learned to sew animal skins together to make clothing and they began making shelters
What are pit houses? Pits in the ground covered by branches and leaves
What did some people in Central Asia use to make their homes out of? Mammoth bones
What did people in Central Asia use mammoth bones to make their homes? Wood was scarce
People moved from place to place for necessity and survival during which era? They also started to develop permanent settlements during this era. Paleolithic Era or Early Stone Age
During what era did people learn to polish stones to make tools like saws and drills? Neolithic Era or the New Stone Age
During which era did people learn to make fire? Neolithic Era or the New Stone Age
The biggest change during the Neolithic Era (or New Stone Age) was what? How people produced food
What new way did people learn to produce food during the Neolithic Era (or New Stone Age)? they learned to plant seeds themselves to grow their own crops
What happened during the Neolithic Revolution? There was a shift from food gathering to food producing.
What is domestication? A process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans. (Learning how to use animals for their own purpose was important.)
What did domestication lead to? The development of agriculture or farming.
What did farmers keep sheep and goats for? Milk, food, and wool.
What were larger animals like cattle used for? To carry loads or to pull large tools used for farming.
What improved peoples chances of survival during the Neolithic Revolution? Agriculture and farming
What did people begin building during the Neolithic Revolution? permanent settlements
What is another name for the New Stone Age? Neolithic Era
What is another name for the Paleolithic Era? Early Stone Age

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