Stereochemistry Answers

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If molecules have different stereochemistry, this means…
that they have the same connections of atoms, but differ from one another by the orientation of those atoms in three-dimensional space.
S, sinister
R, rectus
Molecules with different stereochemistry are ___________ of each other.
What is a chiral center?
A carbon atom with four different (unique) attached atoms or groups.
Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules for assigning priority
Use to assign R or S configuration. Prioritize using numbers 1-4. Highest priority goes to the group whose first atom has the highest atomic number. Double and triple bonds expanded into equivalent number of single bonds (C tripled bonded to N counts as C connected to three N).
Assigning R and S configurations to chiral centers
1) Rotate the molecule so the fourth-priority substituent is in the back (on a dashed bond sticking back into the paper). 2) Draw a curve from the first- to second – to third-priority substituent: is clockwise, R, if counterclockwise, S.

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