Steam Plant Assistant Practice Exam 7

Cast-iron heating boilers that are shipped in sections are USUALLY assembled on the job location with…
Push nipples and tie rods

In a two-pipe mechanical condensate-return system, the two valves that are installed in the discharge piping between the condensate pump and boiler are a ___ valve and ____ check valve.
Gate; swing

When a thermostatic trap is used in a steam supply heating system, the cooling leg must be installed…
Between the equipment or drip and the thermostatic trap

The essential features of construction of a Hartford Loop connection to a steam heating boiler are a direct connection between the steam side and return side of the boiler and a ____ from the return main to the return side of the boiler.
Close nipple connection two inches below the normal water line

Unit trapping of two or more steam-consuming condensing units is recommended to…
Prevent the build-up of condensate and air in one or more units

Packless type steam radiator supply valves are recommended for use in ____ heating systems.
Two-pipe vacuum

Of the following types of high-pressure steam piping systems, the one which is WIDELY used in small and medium-sized plants is the ____ system.

Compressed-air systems in power plants USUALLY operate at pressures of _____ psig.
100 to 125

A return header is used on a cast-iron sectional boiler to distribute the condensate to both rear tappings.
Of the following fittings, the ones that should be used where the branch connections enter the return tappings are…
Full size plugged tees

The MINIMUM pitch for horizontal runouts to risers and heating units in a two-pipe high-pressure steam system should be…
1/2 inch per foot

The air suction intake of an air compressor has to be relocated 30 feet further from the compressor than present location.
In connection with this work, it would be recommended practice to…
Increase the diameter of the suction line piping

Of the following statements pertaining to steam-supplied blast heaters, the one which is INCORRECT is that…
Steam mains should be dripped into the heater sections

A hot water heating line has to be offset to clear an obstruction.
Of the following combinations of fittings, the one which will offer the LEAST resistance to the flow of hot water is…
Two 90-degree long turn elbows and a short nipple

The inlet piping to each heating unit in a two-pipe vapor steam heating system should be equipped with a(n) ____ valve.

Of the following piping materials, the one that should NOT be used in a fuel-oil piping system is…
galvanized iron

Assume that a shut-off valve is installed in the discharge line from an oil pump. In this installation, the valve that should be installed between the oil pump and the shut off valve is a ___ valve.

A pump is to be raised 1/2″ above its bed-plate. One 1/4″ plate and one 3/16″ plate are used.
The number of 1/64″ shims that must be used in addition to the 1/4″ and 3/16″ plate is…

If 250 feet of 4″ pipe weighs 400 pounds, the weight of this pipe per linear foot is ____ pounds.

The proper designation for a tee fitting which has on the run a 1 1/2″ pipe thread and a 2″ pipe thread with the branch having a 1″ pipe thread is…
2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1″

Taper-tapped couplings are recommended for ____ piping.
High-pressure steam

A steam heating system that operates both in vacuum and under low-pressure (0 to 15 psig) conditions without the use of a vacuum pump is known as a ____ system.

A flange joint in a high-temperature piping system has to be broken frequently. To prevent the gasket from sticking to the flange face, it is GOOD practice to coat the gasket with…

Pipe dope is applied to the male threads and not to the female threads when making-up a screwed pipe joint. The MAIN reason for this is to…
Prevent contamination of the fluid in the piping system

Flanged faces of steel valves and fittings are NORMALLY manufactured with ____ flange face(s).

Regulating or throttling valves are SELDOM used in sizes above…

An 80′ steam heating main is being piped up. If the pitch (fall) is 1/4″ in 10 feet, and the centerline elevation at the beginning of the run is 9.989 feet, then the centerline elevation, in feet, at the lower end of the run is MOST NEARLY…

A set of heating plan drawings is drawn to a scale of 1/4″ = 1 foot. If a length of pipe measures 4 5/8″ on the drawing, the actual length of the pipe, in feet, is…

Of the following pastes, the one which is NOT suitable for making up threads in oil piping is…
A. Red glyptol
B. Litharge and glycerin
C. White or red lead oil paste
D. Permatex
White or red lead oil paste

Of the following valves, the one which is used for preventing the reversal of flow in a pipe is the ___ valve.

Of the following fittings, the one that is used to connect a 1 1/4″ pipe directly to a 1″ pipe in a straight line is called a…

The pipe diameter of header drips installed in a high-pressure steam piping system USUALLY ranges from…
3/4″ to 1″

Of the following types of gasket material, the types that should be used between flanges on a pipe conveying 900-degree Fahrenheit hot water is…
Steel, corrugated or plain

The MAIN reason for installing a by-pass line around a 10-degree high-pressure gate valve is to…
Make it easier to open the valve

Of the following valves, the one that is considered a dead end type of valve is a ___ valve.
Single-seated pressure-reducing

A valve is marked 600 WOG.
This valve could NOT be properly used in a pipe conveying ___ pounds gage maximum.
Steam at 600

Flange dimensions and materials are established by the…
ASA (American Standards Association) Code for Pressure Piping

A steam leak in a pipe line allows steam to escape at a rate of 50,000 pounds each month. Assuming that the cost of steam is 50 cents per 1,000 pounds, the total cost of wasted steam from this leak for a 12-month period would amount to…

Of the following, the method which is MOST likely to give an accurate reading in checking a 0-to-400 psig pressure gage is to…
Use a dead-weight gage tester

An oil separator in a non-condensing steam plant removes oil from…
Exhaust steam

The MAIN function of a double offset U-bend in a high-pressure steam line is to…
Permit expansion of the steam line

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