STC0307 integrated advertising, promotion and marketing communications chapter 4

The three components and analysis of the IMC planning context
Customers, competitors and communications.
What for categories of customers are examined when analyzing the IMC planning context?
Current customers, former customers, potential new customers, competitors customers.
What three types of research are used when analyzing the competition?
Identify competitors, gather data about competitors, study what others say about competitors
Market segment
A set of businesses or group of individual consumers with distinct characteristics.
Market segmentation
Consists of identifying specific consumer and business groups based on their needs, attitudes and interest.
Methods of segmenting consumer markets
Demographics, psychographics, generations, geographic, geodemographics, benefits, and usage
Geodemographic segmentation
Identify potential customers using demographic Geographic and psychographic information
Built in GPS devices allowed marketers to expand marketing in a geographic area
Benefit segmentation
Uses demographic and psychographic information to identify segments
Business to business market segmentation
Group similar organizations into meaningful clusters
Methods of segmenting business to business markets
Industry(NAICS code), size of business, geographic location, product usage, and customer value
NAICS Coding system
Has 20 broad sectors using six digit codes each sub categories
Product positioning
The perception in the consumers mind of the nature of the company and its products relative to competition
Positioning features
Quality of product, price, method of distribution, packaging, image, and other factors.
Two positioning elements stand out
Customer perception and product relative to competition
Product positioning approach
Attributes, competitors, use or application, price, product user, product class, cultural symbol
Communication objectives
Tie organizations context, target market and positioning approach to budget figures and I am see components

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