SPRING 2016 CIS 406-02: CH3

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A continuous risk-tracking process can
identify new risks.
For a project manager, reporting
includes informing management, users, and the project team about the progress of the project.
Project management is dynamic and challenging, regardless of which software you use. True or False
A BLANK cannot be started until one or more other tasks are completed.
dependent task.
A risk management plan includes a review of
project’s scope, stakeholders, budget, schedule, and any other internal or external factors that might affect the project.
When a project manager first recognizes that a project is in trouble, the options available to her include
trimming the project requirements, adding to the project resources, delaying the project deadline, and improving management controls and procedures.
In a PERT/CPM chart, each task has which of the following
start day/date.
A project manager’s scheduling functio
involves staffing, which includes selecting the project team and assigning specific tasks to team members.
The Apptivo BLANK is free of charge with unlimited duration
Standard Plan
The first step in the creation of a PERT/CPM chart is to
identify all the project tasks
A event is a recognizable reference point that you can use to
monitor progress
When two or more concurrent tasks depend on a single prior task, the concurrent tasks are called BLANK tasks
successor tasks.
PERT/CPM and Gantt charts are mutually exclusive techniques. True or False
BLANK is a possible cause of cost overruns related to human resource issues.
For a project manager, monitoring
requires guiding, supervising, and coordinating the project team’s workload.
is open-source software that is supported by a community of users and developers.
Many project managers find BLANK charts more helpful for scheduling, monitoring, and controlling projects.
If any task along the critical path falls behind schedule, the entire project is delayed. True or False.
A project manager, or project leader, usually is a senior systems analyst or an IT department manager if the project is large. True or False.
A project manager’s planning CHECK WORK
involves guiding, supervising, and coordinating the project team’s workload.
Project managers always must be aware of the BLANK path, so they can monitor the vital tasks and keep the project on track.
PERT/CPM is called a(n) BLANK technique, because it analyzes a large, complex project as a series of individual tasks.
When several tasks can start at the same time, each is called a(n) BLANK task.
Microsoft’s risk management model includes BLANK.
category, which specifies the risk type.
A(n) BLANK chart displays complex task patterns and relationships.
A(n) BLANK chart can be used to display the qualitative risk analysis matrix.
When several tasks can take place at the same time, each is called a sequential task. True or False.
A BLANK might involve maximums for one or more resources
The first step in creating a WBS is to
list all the tasks.
When two or more concurrent tasks depend on a single prior task, each of the concurrent tasks is called a predecessor task. True or False.
Using a WBS allows you to manage a project as one large task. True or False.
Tasks that are not on the critical path cannot be ignored. True or False.
In most systems analysis tasks, time and people are interchangeable. True or False.
Most managers recognize that problems do occur on most projects; it is better to alert management sooner rather than later. True or False.
Which of the following are metrics of a successful project
delivery of a product that satisfies users
In addition to tasks, every project has BLANK, which are reference points used to monitor progress and manage the project.
What can simplify a complex task by combining several activities in a Gantt chart?
task groups.
In any project, large or small, tasks depend on each other and must be performed in a sequence. True or False.
Using prior experience to make time and cost estimates works best for large projects. True or False.
Effective project reporting requires
strong communication skills.

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