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Sports managers have utilized facebook
group pages and fan pages
which NBA team led the way with podcast
phonenix suns
who was the first team to use mobile ticketing
oakland athletics
which of these is an example of sport managers introducing and marketing their product
popularity of the english premeir league
advantages of mobile ticketing
A & b
what sport organization set blogging guidleines
Internation olympic commimitte
In 1888 German physicist heinrich
radio waves could be generated
the sports auidence is on average
a & c
what federal agency which wascreated in 1934
the leading broadcast media research firm is
The AC nielsen compant
In professional sports, the commissioner has discretionary power in all of the following areas except
Resolution of disputes over player compensation
Strikes are much more disruptive in pro sports than in mainstream business because
Players have unique talents and cannot be replaced with temporary workers.
As a general rule, league revenues include which of the following?
None of the above
____________ has emerged as a method for leagues to establish themselves in a manner that avoids antitrust liability and creates centralized fiscal control.
The single-entity structure
John Montgomery Ward founded the first baseball players union in 1890 to fight what practice(s) by baseball team owners?
All of the above
The two players who staged a joint holdout for a higher salary were
Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale
One of the first agents to represent individual athletes and a pioneer of the sport marketing industry is
Mark McCormack
Which one of the following companies is not currently one of the three largest sport management companies?
The three models for a sport agency business do not include the following:
A players association and a sport management firm
Which of the following does not describe the functions performed by a sport agent?
Negotiating the collective bargaining contract for the player or coach
The most devastating problem that an athlete may have with his or her agent is probably the following:
Income mismanagement
Perhaps no avenue within the sport industry holds more job opportunities, particularly at the entry level, than the following:
Sales in the sport industry have shifted from
A product-oriented approach to a consumer-oriented approach
Today, there is a much higher level of sophistication and understanding of the sales process and its importance to the overall success of any sport organization due to
All of the above
When a sport organization wants to minimize expenses and reach only those people the organization wants to reach, they should use which sales method?
Direct mail solicitations
The “escalator concept” is used when the sport organization is participating in
According to Mark McCormack, what is one of the most important assets a salesman can have?
An awareness of when you are imposing
When the Dayton Dragons opened the gates of their new field in April 2000, which featured what the team dubbed the “world’s largest outdoor billboard,” they were using the strategy of
Dominant identity
The continuing influx of new sport leagues, teams, and events has created
All of the above
Reasons for the tremendous growth in sport sponsorship over the past two decades include
All of the above
Return on investment (ROI) in the sport sponsorship world is defined as
Meeting the company’s specific marketing and sales objectives in some measurable way
Sales promotions may be aimed at
All of the above
Post cereals activated its MLB sponsorship by offering consumers a free MLB-themed CD attached to the packaging itself for consumers who purchased the specially marked boxes. This is an example of what type of promotion?
One of the most effective sales promotion tools often used with a new product to induce consumers to try a product is
Stakeholders are groups and individuals that have a stake in an organization. Of the following, who are stakeholders?
All of the above
The three disciplines that integrated marketing communications combines are
Advertising, marketing, public relations
Community relations
All of the above
Community relations activities are intended to
Create a benevolent reputation for the organization in the eyes of the public
_____ combines elements of computing, technology, telecommunications, and content to create products and services to be used interactively by consumers and business users
New media industry
_____ is an interchange of information between two or more parties that has a specific purpose or goal.
An interview
___ is a basic interpretive mechanism to let people know what an organization is doing and is sent out to editors and reporters in hopes of stimulating favorable stories about an organization.
Press release
__ sent via e-mail are less costly and easier to produce than their printed counterparts and can include additional Web site links.
Electronic newsletters
Guglielmo Marconi patented what device in 1896?
A wireless transmission system commonly called the radio
In 1938, what team prevailed in a lawsuit against a radio station that had broadcast their games without permission
Pittsburgh Pirates
Who coined the phrase “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”?
Roone Arledge
Which term does not describe a typical rights arrangement?
Shared exclusivity
CPM stands for
Cost per thousand
Cume stands for
Cumulative audience over time
The YES network is
All of the above
Which baseball executive was one of the first sporting goods entrepreneurs in the 1800s?
Hardy (1997) defined sporting goods as what?
Physical objects necessary for the game
Most professional leagues negotiate licensing agreements on behalf of their member organizations. What is the name of the department responsible for those agreements?
Properties division
What is the acronym for the sporting goods trade association?
Kevin Plank, a former University of Maryland athlete, founded what company by selling products out of the trunk of his car?
Under Armour
Which athletic footwear company does not use endorsements to sell its product?
New Balance
Albert G. Spalding gained credibility with consumers for his baseballs by
Obtaining official supplier status with the National League
Competition for recruiting new memberships has had a ________ effect on fitness clubs.
Prior to the 1960s, the only example of health and fitness clubs in the U.S. was _____.
Small boxing gyms and weightlifting clubs
Which of the following programs has the highest appeal with the Generation Y segment?
Cardio-kickboxing classes
Which of the following club offerings is not in the top four demanded by fitness consumers?
Women’s-only section

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