Sports and Entertainment Marketing – Unit 5 Event Marketing

The team
The “event triangle” consists of all of the following EXCEPT
In event marketing, the event primarily provides sponsors with the opportunity to gain
The location where an event is held is referred to as the
During an event, the primary exchange that occurs between the fan and the event is
Anything of value
The exchange that occurs between the event and the sponsor is
Push marketing
Placing advertisements for an event on cars in a parking lot is an example of
The excitement surrounding an event that that marketers intentionally create is called
When developing a social media campaign, event marketers must utilize all of the following EXCEPT
The social media site best suited for mass communication is
Direct messaging attendees
All of the following are good ways for an event marketer to keep the social media buzz going even after an event EXCEPT
Event triangle
The model for expressing the relationships between commodities and consumers in event marketing is called the
Purchase of sponsor products
All of the following are potential exchanges between the fan and the event EXCEPT
A fan is usually drawn to an event out of the desire for
attract attendees
The first task of an event marketer is to
pull marketing
When an event marketer attempts to make an event appear as appealing as possible, they are using
The following is NOT a component of an effective pull marketing campaign
The main motivation fans have for attending an event is its
put themselves in the shoes of their target market
all good marketers
push marketing
relatively unknown events are best marketed through
the entertainment
the content of a sports and marketing event is usually
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