Sport Facility Management

An HVAC system typically accounts for about 10% of the total cost of a new facility.
A watt is a measure of electrical energy used.
Which of the following systems uses sunlight to light a playing surface?
ambient lighting
A basketball player’s foot hitting the floor while the player is cutting to the basket creates what type of sounds?
air and structure-borne sounds
The first color scoreboard was installed in 1984.
LED Lights are the most cost efficient and longest-lasting type of lights.
A typical college football game can generate over 500 cubic yards of trash.
The Clean Air Act was passed in 1990. By 1995, manufacturers could no longer make chillers that use which of the following because it contributes to ozone depletion.
The heat load is affected by several factors, including
number of people in the facility and their activity
For every $1 of damage a roof sustains, an estimated $50 worth of damage occurs in the structure below the roof.
Which lighting type is often referred to as spill?
The largest energy expense for any facility, 50% of total energy cost, originates from the kitchen.
Approximately 67% of the energy used in larger office buildings is electrical energy.
The ideal humidity level is around 75%.
What is NOT a concern associated with ice resurfacers?
the release of oxygen into the air
HVAC systems are needed only at arenas, not at stadiums
Which of the following is considered the heart and soul of a cooling system?
Which fire suppression system is used in areas such as computer rooms and accounting offices where water can cause substantial damage?
A high relative humidity means that the amount of moisture in the air is high.
Trespass describes light that was intended to go into one area but also enters into another area.
One of the worst public assembly facility fires in U.S. history occurred at The Station, a night club in which state?
Rhode Island
Of the total amount of electricity used in a typical building, where is the greatest amount used?
Glare refers to light that is directed or reflected upward and is wasted.
Purchasing electricity is most expensive in which state?
Which of the following is NOT a reason HVAC systems were developed?
All of these responses are reasons HVAC were developed
Diffuse lighting reflects over 80% of the light energy back from the ceiling to the floor.
Which fire suppression system fills up with water only when triggered (to avoid pipes freezing during the winter time)?
dry-pipe sprinkler
Which MLB was the last to get stadium lights?
Wrigley Field, Cubs
Which of the followin are NOT major components of lareger air conditioning systems?
analog programmable thermostats
Which aeration system uses a piston-like action to drive hallow metal tines into the ground? Upon entering the soil, the tine scoops out a hole; as it exits into the ground, it deposits the soil core on the surface.
core aerators
Under normal circumstances a three-quarter-inch-thick (1.9 cm) tongue-and-groove solid maple floor can last how many years?
40 to 80 years
To maintain a proper level of safety and cleanliness, a facility manager should create and implement a
customized preventative maintenance program
The cost of a new gym floor averages around $60,000.
Cutting the grass too short if dangerous for a grass field.
Changeover management requires which of the following?
All of the responses are correct.
Oil-based urethanes are the most common type of floor finish for gym floors.
Having an outbreak of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus means that the facility maintenance program was flawed.
What are the primary materials used in gym floors?
wood and synthetics
What is the term used to describe ground that is so hard and soil that is so tight that there is no room for water or minerals to seep down?
use of various materials to break ground
using screens, rakes, or other devices to smooth the field.
To be effective, a grass field needs to be flat.
Building 1 inch (2.5 cm) of ice can take about 10,200 gallons (38,600 L) of water.
A changeover (from basketball to hockey or vice versa) for a large professional sport arena can be completed in a couple of hours with a sufficient crew.
A field is not considered sand modified until the ratio of sand to native soil is 60 to 40.
The area where the grass roots are the strongest is called the
root zone
Madison Square Garden does not undertake any changeovers during the New York Rangers’ season because it is too difficult to melt the ice.
The biggest threats to grass fields, destroying 10% of grass fields annually, are
Locker room surfaces should be cleaned at least once a day.
Which maintenance program focuses on maintaining the equipment or facility according to preestablished standards and is often referred to as routine maintenance?
preventative maintenance
A maintenance audit helps provide the working plan that shows what areas need improvement, what corrective actions will rectify potential problems, and how to monitor the outcome of any given action.
An average custodian can clean 2,500 to 5,000 square feet in an hour using which approach?
both zone and area
A life-cycle cost analysis can be utilized for which of the following major components of a facility?
all of the responses are correct
Due to the allure of building new parks, many existing parks become unusable because of lack of upkeep and funding.
Which of the following is NOT a key to an effective M & R system?
all of the responses are key to an effective M&R system
Effectiveness can be measured through all of the following EXCEPT
The first step in any maintenance planning process is taking an inventory of existing facilities.
Operation and maintenance activities normally account for 5% to 15% of a facility’s total expenditure.
The repair process for facilities is normally very fast and requires just a phone call to get something fixed.
How much paper does the average American use every year?
650 pounds
LEED certification should not be the primary pursuit of a green facility.
A high-efficiency toilet requires no water to flush.
Before sustainability efforts began, how much trash could Big Ten games generate?
400 cubic yards
According to one study, employees in green buildings take, on average, about three fewer sick days each year.
What is the single largest impediment affecting energy conservation?
LED mandates 0.5 gallon per minute, which can be met with aerators and times units that minimize the total amount of water used by a bathroom faucet.
Glass breaks down in how many years?
Glass doesn’t break down
Of the 126 teams in the five major professional leagues in 2013, less than 40% used renewable energy for at least some of their needs.
Anaerobic digestion, a method of disposing food waste, can convert food waste into a methane-rich gas.
Which is a holistic approach to protecting the environment by incorporating design practices and materials that use energy most efficiently?
Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?
Green facility management is a new approach for sport facility management.
Reducing the carbon footprint is more challenging for stadiums that are located in the suburbs.
Saving water can do which of the following?
All of these responses are correct
Gray water refers only to water reclaimed from roofs after a rainstorm.
What is the number-one item sent to landfills every year?
Most power plants are very efficient and convert almost 100% of fuel into electrical energy.
Computerized maintenance management systems can assist in sustainability efforts by adjusting energy and electricity usage to weather conditions.
the first and foremost important system in a building
The HVAC unit
Heat load is affected by two factors
# of people in a facility and their activity
: atmosphere lighting, actual sunlight
ambient lighting
light directed downward from a fixture
direct lighting
fixture focuses on ceiling so 90% of light is reflected onto floor
indirect lighting
similar to indirect, but only reflects 40-60% back to floor
diffuse lighting
too much light or uneven light on field
intended to go into one area, but also enter into another area, referred to as spill.
light directed or reflected upward and is wasted in space
sky glow
examines where energy usage and energy losses are coming from.
energy audit
37% of water usage
28% water usage
cooling and heating
22% water usage
13% water usage
kitchen and dishwashing
primarily the sounds caused by facility users
air-borne sounds
more difficult to control because it vibrates and is transmitted into the air.
structure-borne sounds
vertical and horizontal: elevators and shuttles/people movers
personal transportation systems
coordinated with professionals who are experts in soil, climate, water, and horticultural issues to help a facility manage make the right decision.
a step that can be taken to reduce criminal activities.
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
security cameras and monitor system.
closed-circuit television
being able to establish real-time communication between all constituents and leverage all various platforms to communicate effectively.
: a soil conditioner
are able to hold higher water and nutrient levels
soil-based fields
sand has been added on-site through top-dressing and aeration.
sand-based fields
rate at which water is absorbed from the surface into the soil.
infiltration rate
the amount of time it takes for water to pass through the soil and the turfgrass roots.
the spreading of new soil over the existing soil create permanent por space for the soil over time.
can identify the biggest concerns and the areas needing the greatest amount of time or money.
: helps determine whether the M&R program is working correctly
repair, general house keeping
breakdown maintenance
: a change that allows facility system, or piece of equipment to perform a function different from the one it was originally designed for
– identifying the lifetime cost of acquiring, installing, maintaining, and repairing a given system or piece of equipment, an executive can determine the life-cycle costs.
life-cycle cost analysis
environmentally-conscious construction and management of buildings
green buildings
water that’s been previously used to wash hands, clothes, or dishes or for bathing, as well as collected rain water.
gray water
one strategy for recycling food, but composting does not produce as much cash.

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