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Public assembly facilities have existed since:
ancient times
Older ballparks like Fenway Park and Ebbets Field were built with irregular shapes and sizes in order to:
accommodate urban space limitations
The youngest of the four major North American sports is:
Which of the following sports was the last used by arena owners in order to maximize their revenues?
college basketball
All of the following were publicly financed stadiums efficiently built with the intention of housing both a football team and a baseball team except:
Meadowlands (Northern New Jersey)
Modern arenas and stadiums have directly helped owners to maximize revenues through all of the following except:
Modernized locker rooms
The primary purpose of arena adjacent practice facilities such as those seen at Nationwide Arena in Columbus and Amway Center in Orlando is to:
increase event bookings
____________ are indoor facilities with the primary purpose of hosting sporting and entertainment events.
______________ are outdoor or domed facilities built with the intention of housing sporting and entertainment events
________________ are almost always publicly owned facilities built to lure business meetings to a municipality.
Convention centers
_________________ are public assembly facilities primarily utilized for the presentation of live artistic entertainment.
The main nonsport events for stadiums are:
concerts given by performers
The difference between the economic impact upon a municipality by a convention center as opposed to a stadium or arena built for housing sporting events is:
business events lead to higher spending
All of the following are reasons for a municipality to subsidize stadium/arena construction except:
All of the following cities built sport stadiums with the intention of luring a team away from their current city except:
___________ are formally defined as a promise by the borrower to pay back the lender a specified amount of money, with interest, within a specified period of time.
Increases in all of the following taxes would directly affect the majority of the population of a community except:
Hospitality tax
Throughout the history of sport facility financing, the money to build facilities is usually obtained through:
Facility Revenues
All of the following are common ways to fund sport facility construction through corporate investment except:
Corporate tax
All of the following are major advantages to private management of public assembly facilities except:
better sport team performance
_____________ act primarily as in-house advertising agents for the various events booked into facilities.
Marketing director
The ___________ acts as the point person for the facility in managing each game or show.
Event Director
The _____________ is responsible for landing and scheduling events for a facility.
booking director
The best way to decrease the financial risk of an event is:
to co-promote the event
The most important part of the job of the ______________ is to coordinate, schedule, and supervise the numerous changeovers that take place within a facility as shows come in and out of the facility.
operations director
The ____________ is responsible for the sale of all tickets to an event along with the collection of all ticket revenues.
box office director
The events of September 11, 2001 in the United States have significantly impacted this aspect of sporting events:
Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, many stadiums have become more wheelchair accessible in all of the following areas except:
front row seating
A _______________ is commonly used by event managers to help their staff understand the type of event being held, the surrounding environment and the potential for problems in crowd security.
crowd management plan
Based on the Americans with Disabilities Act, if a facility renovates:
the renovations must comply with the act
Founded in 1923, NFL teams typically played in football fan friendly stadiums during the early years of their existence.
It was not until the public stadium financing boom of the 1960s and early 1970s that sightlines for both football and baseball were taken into account when building stadiums.
The Ice Capades was founded by NHL arena owners in order to create an additional revenue stream during non-NHL nights.
Historically, it was very common for basketball owners to pay rent to hockey owners for arena use.
35. Baseball and football have more compatible sightlines than do hockey and basketball.
Team owners have remained content with the multi-use stadiums built for them by municipalities during the 1960s.
It is commonly more difficult for an arena manager to maximize their booking than a stadium manager.
Convention centers are considered very beneficial for municipalities in an economic sense because of the considerable visitor spending.
Similar to a sports stadium or arena, one of the soundest arguments for public subsidies of construction of convention centers is an increased quality of life provided for local citizens.
Sale of Indianapolis Colts vanity license plates helped fund the Lucas Oil Stadium and Indianapolis Convention Center expansion project.
General obligation bonds are generally considered relatively safe investments.
Throughout the history of sport facility financing, property taxes have been more likely to pass a vote than occupational taxes.
Recent publicly financed sports facilities have proven to earn great return on investment.
Over the past decade it has become increasingly common to see private management of public assembly facilities.
Following the Americans with Disabilities Act, if a facility renovates, the whole facility must be brought into compliance with the act.
What are the pressures and challenges facing a local government when trying to decide whether to subsidize the construction of a sport stadium?
1. Creates construction jobs
2. Fans generate new spending in community, expanding local employment
3. Team attracts tourists and companies to the host city, further increasing spending and jobs
4. Multiplier effect- increased local income causes still more spending and job creation.
Using specific examples, do you consider the behavior of team owners in threatening to leave a city in order to leverage a friendly stadium construction deal as ethical business behavior?
Briefly discuss the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on sport facility construction and renovation.
The act is to prevent discrimination against qualified people with disabilities in employment, public services, transportation, public accommodations, and telecommunication services. At least 1% of the seating must be wheel chair accessible
Briefly discuss the impact of the events of September 11, 2001 on sporting events bringing large numbers of people together in a stadium or arena.
Now strict security must be implemeted by having a CROWD MANAGEMENT PLAN. Also they must have an arena guidelines to follow such as security personnel, alcohol sales, and new fan of conduct code
Briefly discuss the financial tools used by team owners and government to fund sports facility construction.
Bonds, Taxes, corporate investments, facility revenues

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