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Who bears the responsibility for communication actually taking place?
both the speaker and the listener
Radio and television are examples of
An oversimplified mental picture is known as a
In the opening words of a speech, you should
grab the attention and interest of your listener
When hiring, employers are MOST likely to be influenced by an applicant’s
oral communication skills (speaking and listening)
Which method of public speaking involves looking at the audience most of the time, while occasionally glancing at brief notes?
When you are a speaker, which of the following is the key question to constantly ask yourself?
Am I getting through to my listeners
In the speech communication process, the message is sent in the form of
If there are discrepancies between the verbal and nonverbal components of a speech, listeners will probably
Accept the nonverbal as the true message
Which of the following does the text list as a component of the speech communication process?
Which of the following can cause a speech to be dull?
Unenthusiastic delivery
In the speech communication process, anything that blocks or hinders the communication of a message is called
If you show up for a speech and discover that you have a small audience, you should
Still give the speech your best effort
Making direct eye contact with a listener
Helps to calm you
When practicing your speech, devote extra time to
The introduction
Acting as if you are poised and confident
Sometimes leads to actually becoming poised and confident
The term used by the text for visualizing successful actions is
Positive imagery
Switching your thoughts from “I’m going to fail” to “I will give the audience some good information” is a technique known as changing your
If you flub a sentence or mangle an idea during a speech, you should
Pause and correct yourself without apologizing
The greatest amount of anxiety in a speech is usually experienced in the
To avoid memory lapses during a speech,
Prepare brief notes with key information on them
Striving for perfection
Is a necessary mental ploy to achieve success
The text says that worrying about yourself and your image in a speech is a kind of
The term used by the text to describe “a zesty, enthusiastic, lively feeling with a slight edge to it” is
Positive nervousness
A speaker is most likely to dread which of the following?
Being judged or rejected
According to research cited in the text, employees who multitask during business meetings may be
Ignored when they present ideas
In most speeches, listeners can process information at about ______ words per minute, whereas most speakers talk at 125 to 150 words a minute.
In what country do listeners sometimes close their eyes to show respect for the speaker’s ideas?
Two days after listening to a 10-minute oral presentation, the average person comprehends and retains __________ % of the information.
Two groups of students at Cornell University listened to the same lecture, with one group allowed to use laptops to browse the Internet and the other group required to keep laptops closed. When tested, the group with Internet access remembered
Significantly less information
Ned is trying hard to pull up his grades in a class. When the instructor lectures, he furiously writes down virtually every word that is said. Which listening mistake is Ned making?
Failing to take notes correctly
Ten minutes after listening to a 10-minute oral presentation, the average person understands and retains ____ % of the information.
A headache causes which type of distraction?
If you have the habit of engaging in fake listening, one of the best ways to force yourself to pay attention is to
Take notes
To confront listeners who are immersed in their electronic devices, speakers are advised by the text to try using _________ to capture audience interest.
An attention-getting introduction
Hermina listened politely to a speech on zoos, but she became angry when the speaker argued for removal and closing of all zoos. For the rest of the speech, she tuned him out and planned the counter-arguments that she could throw at him during the question-and-answer period. What listening mistake is she making?
Failing to control emotions
What effect does listening intently have on the body?
I raises pulse and temperature
The textbook says that a central idea should be phrased as
An assertion
“Air fresheners, candles, and incense can contain organic compounds that cause health problems for some people.” This is an example of
A central idea
“To explain how thermometers work.” According to the text, this specific purpose
b. is incorrectly written c. is missing the reference to the audience
The most important task in a speech is to communicate the
Specific purpose
Which one of the following is NOT listed by the text as part of overall speech design?
“Parrots as pets” is an example of
A topic
“To entertain” is an example of a
General purpose
According to the text, we should eliminate hidden purposes that
Sabotage our true goal
The three most popular types of speeches are informative, entertaining, and
“How to Make a Home Burglar-Proof” is an example of which kind of speech?
A verb form beginning with “to” is called
An infinitive
In brainstorming, you should
Produce a flurry of ideas without any initial criticism
If you are unsure if your topic is interesting, you can
a. Ask your instructor
d. survey your classmates
Before starting your research, you should decide on your
Specific purpose
A vlog specializes in
video files
“What percentage of registered voters actually voted in the last presidential election?” This is an example of ____________ type of question?
A closed
To find out if patients using a new headache remedy are pleased with the drug, your best approach is to use
Discussion forums
An abstract is a
The main disadvantage of interlibrary loan is that
You cannot be certain of a book arriving quickly
The formats of MLA and APA are designed to help you to
Format sources in your bibliography
If you are looking for a book that is not available in your library, the text recommends that you
Use interlibrary loan
Basic bibliographical facts about a source, such as title and date, are contained in the
According to the textbook, in research, which of the following resources is likeliest to yield the most up-to-date information?
A personal interview with an expert
The three major research options are libraries, the Internet, and ________________.
Field research
For hard-to-find information, use
Several different search engines
According to the text, results of polls often depend upon
How a question is asked
To reassure an audience that his information is accurate, a speaker says, “I got my information from Google.” The speaker is
Giving a vague reference
The Internet address “www.etw.org” indicates
A non-profit entity
If you make changes in copyrighted material
The material retains its copyright status
The _____________ loophole in copyright laws lets scholars, writers, and public speakers use information without having to get permission for small amounts.
Fair use
Which one of the following is on the textbook’s list of criteria for trustworthy information?
Skepticism, as defined by the text, is equivalent to
Open-minded inquiry
A spoken acknowledgment of the source of one’s material is known as
An oral footnote
A conclusion or judgment that remains open to dispute but seems true to one’s own mind is
An opinion
Sites at which the Internet domain tends to be the least objective?
A book or magazine published before _____ is no longer protected by copyright and may be reproduced and distributed by anyone without violating the law.
A speaker says, “In the latest issue of American Health, Dr. Emily Sanchez says that energy drinks should be used in moderation.” This is an example of
An oral footnote
The textbook advises speakers to not put the colors red and green close together on a visual aid because
The most common form of color-blindness is red/green
The textbook says that good models for visual aids in public speaking are
Outdoor billboards
In a bar graph, the bars should be
Either horizontal or vertical
Labels on visual aids should be
It is legal to download multimedia files from the Internet if they are to be used in
Classroom speeches
Most international audiences prefer
Visuals prepared in advance
The text advises that you “aim for back-row comprehension”. This means that you should
Make sure all visuals can be clearly seen by people in the back of the room
For a speech, the best time to distribute a five-page handout is
After you finsih speaking
For all people, whether or not they have a color deficiency, the color combination that is clearest and most readable is
Dark text on a light-colored background
During a presentation, you should look at your visual aids_____________.
In considering whether and how to use PowerPoint slides, your first step is to
Create the outline for your speech
Regarding a speaker’s credibility with an audience, which one of the following statements is true?
A speaker is better off using no visual aids at all than poor ones
Posters are often preferred to PowerPoint slides in
The technique whereby a visual is displayed one part at a time is known as
Progressive revelation
A pie graph is a circle representing _____ percent and divided into segments of various sizes.
Which of the following organizational patterns is a sport’s commentator most likely to use to cover a sporting event?
In a speech on redwood trees, a speaker begins by discussing the roots, proceeds to the trunk, then the branches, and finally the leaves. Which organizational pattern is being used?
A speaker says, “Now we come to the most important thing I have to tell you.” Which device is the speaker using?
A speaker says, “Now that we have looked at the problem, let’s turn our attention to the solution.” Which device is the speaker using?
Which part of the speech does the text recommend that you create first?
For a speech explaining how to bake bread, which organizational pattern would be used?
Main points are designed to help the audience understand and remember
Central idea
A speaker discusses three types of work dogs. Which pattern is the speaker using?
A speaker discusses why some people abuse animals, and then describes the effects of abuse on the animals. Which pattern is the speaker using?
Which organizational pattern is especially popular in persuasive speeches?
The cause-effect pattern of organization
Can explain either causes or effects first
A speaker says, “How long will America continue to be plagued with child abuse?” This is an example of ________________ question.
A rhetorical
Telling a story, asking a question, and using a visual aid are examples of
Attention material
Which of the following is an acceptable option in an introduction?
A hypothetical narrative
Most attorneys believe that courtroom battles are won because of the effectiveness of
Both the opening statement and the closing argument
In a speech, which one of the following is a mistake if used in the conclusion?
A new main point
You can signal the end of a speech
With both verbal and nonverbal signals
For the first few sentences in a speech, which one of the following options would be a mistake?
An announcement of the topic
Offering a statement to show the audience how your topic relates to them is known as giving ______________.
Your credibility
In career speeches, a few words spoken before your attention material is called
An icebreaker
A speaker says, “Please raise your hands to answer this: How many of you know how to swim?” What kind of question is this speaker using?
The best place to reassure your listeners that you are well-prepared and that you are not going to waste their time is in
The orienting material
The text quotes the old speechmaking formula, “Tell ’em what you’re going to tell ’em. Tell ’em. Then tell ’em what you told ’em.” The last sentence refers to
The summary
A question that is asked to stimulate interest or to be thought provoking and not to generate a reply is _____
A rhetorical question
For a speech on spiders, pulling tarantulas out of a box and letting them walk about would
Upset some listeners and put them out of a receptive mood
The emotional meaning attached to a word is its
“This is a government by the people, of the people, and for the people.” This is an example of
Parallel structure
Friendship is
An abstract word
“The stars are diamonds in the sky.” This is an example of
A metaphor
The text says that grammatical errors in a speech distract the audience and can cause the speaker to
Lose credibility with the audience
When politicians raise taxes, but call their action “revenue enhancement”, they are using
A euphemism
“The stars are like diamonds in the sky.” This is an example of
A simile
Which one of the following is incorrect grammatically?
I have already took algebra
“Blind as a bat” is an example of
“After you open a can of worms, they always come home to roost.” This is an example of
Mixed metaphor
Honesty is
An abstract word
If a funeral director is called a “grief therapist”, what type of language is being used?
A dictionary definition of a word is its
The main key to effective delivery is
A strong desire to communicate with the audience
If nonverbal communication contradicts verbal messages, listeners will accept _________________________ as the true message.
The nonverbal
A speaker’s clothes should be
A bit dressier than the listener’s clothes
Which aspect of nonverbal communication is considered a “figurative handshake”?
Eye contact
A few audience members are rudely chatting among themselves during your speech, distracting other listeners. The textbook says the one thing you should NOT do is:
Ignore the talkers
“Uh” and “um” are examples of what the text calls
Verbal fillers
If you practice your speech and find that you are two minutes over the time limit, you should
Cut out material in your outline and speaking notes
“Saying “Cannahepya?” instead of “Can I help you?…” is an example of poor
Which method of delivery involves speaking on the spur of the moment with little or no chance to prepare?
Which one of the following statements about pauses is FALSE?
Pauses should last a minimum of ten seconds
If you as a speaker do not know the answer to a listener’s question, you should
That you do not know the answer
The PREP (Position, Reason, Example, Position) template is recommended for __________________ speeches.
An ancient Chinese proverb says, “I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I ____________________.”
Which one of the following specific purpose statements is appropriate for an informative speech?
“To demonstrate to my listeners how to build kites”
“To tell my audience about the life of Florence Nightingale,” is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
“To tell my listeners how porpoises are trained to do out-of-water stunts,” is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
Which one of these channels for learning information is the strongest?
Physical activity
The text says that for a long presentation that lasts all afternoon, it is best to give a coffee or stretch break after every ___-minute period.
To provide variety during a long presentation, you can ask questions of listeners. The best technique is to
Call a listener’s name after you ask the question
A speech recounting the history of the attack on Pearl Harbor would be which type of speech?
In a first aid class, a nurse says, “To control bleeding, remember RED, which stands for Rest, Elevation, and Direct pressure.” Which learning device is the nurse using?
Nina Totenberg, a nationally known TV and radio reporter, says the most important element in an effective speech is _____________________ information.
The text quotes Voltaire as saying, “The secret of being tiresome is in ______________.”
Telling everything

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