Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica Essay

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the group of islands in the pacific, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and PolynesiaOceania
pacific islands created by volcanoesHigh Island
pacific islands made of coral reefsLow Island
a long chain of coral reefs and islands along Australia's Northeast coastGreat Barrier Reef
dry unpopulated inland region of AustraliaOutback
a ring like island made from the top of submerged volcanoes or made from coralAtoll
was a powerful mandala that lasted roughly from the 9th to the 15th centuries in what is now CambodiaKhmer Empire
a french colony comprised of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam; it won its independence from France in 1954Indochina
the Association of Southeast Asia Nations, an alliance that promotes economic growth and peace in the areaASEAN
a region in Oceania meaning tiny islandsMicronesia
a region in Oceania meaning black islandsMelanesia
a region in Oceania meaning many islandsPolynesia
the original settlers of Australia, they came from AsiaAboriginal people
the original settlers of New Zealand, they came from PolynesiaMaori

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