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Which pioneer within the discipline of sociology saw sociology as the product of a three-stage historical development?
The text presents the formal definition of the discipline of sociology as __________.
the systematic study of human society
Who coined the term sociology to describe a new way of looking at society?
A macro-level orientation has a broad focus on social structures that shape society as a whole.
People with the fewest privileges are the most likely to see individuals as responsible for their own lives.
_________ is a concept that refers to a pattern by which the positions athletes play on the field are linked to their race.
Which of the following lists of historical events and trends correctly identifies three factors that led to the initial development of the discipline of sociology in Europe and the United States?
the new industrial economy, the growth of cities, political change
Taking a ________ perspective involves studying the larger world and our society’s place in it.
Following which theoretical approach would we understand sports not as a societal system but as an ongoing process of face-to-face interaction?
symbolic-interaction approach
A social-conflict analysis of \”stacking\” in professional baseball identified the largest share of African American players in the ________ position(s) on the baseball field.
Which of sociology’s theoretical approaches has the most in common with an analysis of the human body that identifies parts of the body and seeks to understand what each one does to keep the body operating?
gender-conflict approach
A sociologist following the _____ theoretical approach would be likely to ask the following questions: What are the major parts of society? How are these parts linked? What does each part do to help society work?
Social conflict
Which theoretical approach in sociology would most likely lead to an analysis of sports that shows that the games people play reflect their social standing?
social-conflict approach
________ is an example of a high-income country.
Why do most people marry someone of similar race, social-class background, level of education, and degree of physical attractiveness?
Society guides our actions, thoughts, and feelings, generally narrowing our marital choices to people within our race, social class, education level, and degree of attractiveness.
Which of the following changes was important in encouraging the development of the discipline of sociology?
the rise of a factory-based industrial economy
Women living in poor countries are likely to have _______ than women living in rich countries.
more children
Which of the following statements might Emile Durkheim have offered as an explanation of why a wealthy, unmarried man is more likely to commit suicide than a poor, married woman?
Unmarried, wealthy men have less social integration (a result of their greater freedom) than poor, married women.
Most people in the United States, without any insight provided by the sociological perspective, would probably say that _______ is the single reason that people marry.
What did Durkheim’s suicide study conclude?
Suicide is an entirely personal choice that is not impacted by society.
Many sociologists use the ________ theoretical approach not just to understand society but also to try to bring about societal change that would reduce inequality.
social conflict
Which of the following statements presents a criticism of the social-conflict approach?
It largely ignores the fact that most people in our society are unified by shared values and interdependence.
Which of the following is an example of a latent function of social structure?
college’s function as a \”marriage broker,\” bringing together young people of similar social backgrounds
The social-conflict theoretical approach highlights
Which of the following statements is an example of sociological research shaping public policy?
Many states have passed laws that increase women’s claims to marital property and enforce fathers’ obligations to provide support for women raising their children.

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