Sociology Final- Chapter 6

A reason to study sexuality using the sociological perspective is
Sexuality is both important and controversial.

Which concept refers to the biological distinction between males and females?

The development of breasts in females and deeper voices in males are examples of
Secondary sex characteristics

Which concept refers to genitals that distinguish females and males?
primary sex characteristics

Which concept refers to humans who have some combination of female and male sexual characteristics?

If you often have the feeling of being “trapped in the wrong body,” you might be?
a transsexual

Comparative research indicates that
although sex has a biological foundation, sexual practices vary from place to place as an element of the culture.

One norm found everywhere is the incest taboo, which refers to norms forbidding
sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives.

The incest taboo
limits sexual competition within families.

About what share of the states in this country have laws that permit marriage between first cousins?
half of the states

When did the sexual revolution begin?
It began in the 1940s and then grew quickly in the late 1960s

The importance of Alfred Kinsey’s research on sexuality in the United States was
making sexuality a focus of scientific study

The sexual counterrevolution had begun in the United States by

The effect of the sexual counterrevolution was
to encourage people to limit their number of sexual partners or, in some cases, to abstain from sex entirely.

Survey research on attitudes towards premarital sex tells us that
the public is more accepting of premarital sex than it was a generation ago.

According to the Laumann study of sexual patterns among U.S. adults,
there are striking differences in sexual experience within the U.S. population.

Research on extramarital sex shows that about _____ of married men and about _____ of married women remain faithful to their spouse throughout their married lives.
81 percent; 88 percent

Which of the following concepts refers to a person’s romantic and emotional attraction to another person?
sexual orientation

Sexual attraction to someone of the same sex is called

Sexual attraction to people of both sexes is called

Sarah feels little or no sexual attraction to people of either sex. Her sexual orientation is called

The majority of evidence indicates that sexual orientation is rooted in
human biology, although social experience plays some role.

In 2012, about what percentage of U.S. adults claimed homosexuality is “always wrong” or “almost always wrong”?
about 46 percent

About ______ of men and _____ of women in the United States define themselves as “partly” or “entirely” homosexual.
1.7 percent; 1.1 percent

The concept “homophobia” refers to
fear of close personal interaction with people thought to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

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