Social Studies Chapter 7 Study Guide Grade 5

Why did Spain want to establish a colony in Florida?
The Spanish hoped that a settlement would prevent the French and British from grabbing a hold on this part of North America.

What three goals did Pedor Menendez de Aviles have for Florida?
1. Taking control of Florida
2. Defeating the French
3. Finding the French???

Describe what the Spanish found in New Mexico instead of gold and silver.

Haciendas were a source of cash crops in New Mexico.

The main reason for the Pueblo Revolt was that the Pueblo were being mistreated.

What was the result of the Pueblo Revolt?
The Spanish were driven out of New Mexico.

From whom did the French settlers learn to make birch bark canoes?
Native Americans

Why did the French want to explore the Mississippi?
To find new lands to build trading posts on.

What is one way the French tried to find the Northwest Passage?
by exploring the Mississippi.

Why was New Orleans successful as a trading center?
It was located near the mouth of the Mississippi River.

What happened when English settlers moved west?
Native Americans resisted the English settlement.

What was Metacom’s goal in waging war against the settlers?
To force the English out of New England.

In the French and Indian War, the French and British fought over the Ohio River Valley.

What helped the British win the French and Indian War?
More British soldiers joined them.

What was the effect of the French and Indian War on New France?
Britain took over most of New France

What was one effect of the French and Indian War?
Native American lands became part of the British Empire.

a stream that flows into a bigger river.

Proclamation of 1763
British law stating that no British settlers could settle west of the Appalachian Mountains

El Camino Real
means “royal road”

the rugged stretch of “backcountry” around the Appalachian Mountains

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