Social Studies Chapter 6 study guide questions

Why were the Middle Atlantic Colonies called breadbasket colonies?
They produced many crops used in making bread, such as wheat, corn, and rye.

What did the Dutch call their colony and what was the name of its capital?
The colony was called New Netherland and its capital was New Amsterdam.

What group of people came over for the first time but were unable to do certain jobs?
Jews – under Dutch rule, Jews could not work at certain jobs and could not freely practice their religion.

Why did the English want to take over New Netherland?
They wanted more room to expand their colonies.

How did the Dutch respond to the English takeover of New Netherland?
The Dutch let them take their land. They refused to fight.

What did they re-name the two sections of New Netherland?
New York and New Jersey.

The Quakers bought much of New Jersey. Why did they want to come to America?
They wanted to find a refuge where they could live and worship as they pleased.

How were the Quakers beliefs different from others in society?
1. They thought that all people were good and equal.
2. They thought that violence was always wrong – they refused to carry guns or to fight.
3. They believed in solving problems peacefully.

Who was given the land named Pennsylvania and what does the name mean?
William Penn – “Penn’s Woods”.

What type of government did Pennsylvania have and what freedoms were its people guaranteed?
Penn’s Frame of Government provided for a legislature called the GENERAL ASSEMBLY to make the laws for the colony.
1. Freedom of speech
2. Freedom of worship
3. Trial by jury

What are three goods that a person might sell in a market town?
vegetables, grains, fruits

What other shops might be found in a market town?
cobbler, tailor, blacksmith, saw mill, grist mill

How were William Penn’s settlements, townships, and Philadelphia set up differently?
Each township would be 5,000 acres – a space large enough for 10 families. Land belonging to each family would be carved out in pie-like slices.
Philadelphia – A grid system.

List three contributions that German immigrants gave to Philadelphia.
1. long barrel gun called the Pennsylvania rifle
2. deep bellied wagon called the Conestoga
3. barn raisings

List at least 2 of Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments for Philadelphia.
1. He organized the first trained firefighting company.
2. He raised money to help build the first hospital.
3. He organized a militia.

List at least three groups who settled in the Middle Atlantic colonies.
1. German Lutherans
2. Irish Catholics
3. English and Welsh Quakers
4. Jews
5. Free Africans

List the 2 publications that Benjamin Franklin is famous for.
1. Poor Richard’s Almanac
2. Pennsylvania Gazette

What do we call the lowlands by the mountains?

How were settlers able to reach the backcountry?
They traveled by wagon across the Great Wagon Road.

What way did they use to grow crops?
The Indian Way – they planted corn, beans, and squash all in the same mound of soil.

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