Small Business Chapters 9-

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For manufacturers, which of the following is a top priority in location decisions?
Closeness to raw materials
A good reason for relocating a typical manufacturing business is to
Get closer to raw materials
Using special-purpose equipment in the manufacturing process typically results in
greater output per machine-hour of operation.
A woman is planning to establish a business in her residence. In order to maintain a proper balance between family and business matters, she should
establish spatial and nonspatial boundaries.
The Internet has brought new life and technology to the old-fashioned notion of
customer service
Dell Computer Corporation deals directly with corporate customers online and builds computers to specifications after an order is placed, which reduces the firm’s storage and carrying costs. This illustrates that B2B firms can create
greater efficiency in their selling.
In the B2B model, the customers can best be described as
Which of the following is not one of the advantages B2C models have over bricks-and-mortar retailing?

Speed of access
Speed of transaction
24/7 service
Superior customer service

Superior customer service
B2B firms, in particular, use e-commerce to reduce costs associated with
sales force management.
Which statement is not correct concerning business incubators?
Their goal is to build businesses that will develop into a long term office rental relationship.
Which of the following lists are the three types of business startups talked about in the book?
Brick-and-mortar, Home-based-business, E-commerce.
Which of the following is a true statement?
The Internet is basically a tool that parties use to communicate
T or F: Locating close to niche market customers often requires placement at a site that otherwise would be less than desirable.
T or F: If the cost of shipping the finished product is high, the factory should probably be located near a source of raw materials.
T or F: A building’s functional attributes determine its suitability for the operation of a business.
T or F: A milking machine in a dairy is a type of general-purpose equipment.
T or F: To function successfully, owners of home-based businesses need to establish both spatial and nonspatial boundaries between the business and the home.
T or F: Because of its complexity, modern technology has had no noticeable effect in expanding the number of home-based businesses.
T or F: Customer accessibility is important in locating an electrical contracting firm.
T or F: If a brand’s product, such as a snack food, is not located close enough to the target customer, the customer will most likely be inconvenienced by traveling further to get the product.

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