SM 2010 Final Study Guide

Best defines economies of scope
maximization of resources used throughout an organization
Best defines economies of scale
savings originating from the mass production of goods and services
elements of sport org. general environment
economy, politics, technology
T or F: . The age structure of the population, the level of education, and the standard of living are all examples of demographic elements that might affect an organization.
T or F: Most managers and leaders rarely achieve efficiency
T or F: typically, organizations are either completely centralized, or completely decentralized
What type of organization has a simple design and little need for specialization
T or F: organizations develop strategies in order to gain a competitive advantage over others
T or F: Culture manifests itself in organizations through myths and symbols.
T or F: as an organization matures, its crisis woes will be the need of leadership
who introduces a new product line to a company
This management process involves influencing individuals and groups to produce goods and services in the most effective and efficient manner possible
what type of managerial role is “figurehead”
Managers are primarily focused on _____
doing the right things
Leaders are focused on _____
Doing things right
T or F: Sport management scholars view management and leadership as a unified concept that ultimately results in greater efficiency and effectiveness in sport managers
The number of managers in this group are small and they have great power and authority
Top-level managers
which type of power stems for charm and charisma
The road map or game plan for an organizations marketing activities
Marketing plan
T or F: positioning is based on the type of consumers who purchase the product, the design and benefit of the product, the price of the product, and where the product or event takes place
A consumers attitudes, interests, and lifestyles
which element of the marketing mix is most visible and flexible
Last step in the 10 Ps
T or F: Market conditions have a profound influence on sport, which does not exist in isolation
The process of using a name, design, symbol to help differentiate a sport product from the competition
Designed to foster a positive image of the sport organization, result in new revenue, and demonstrate social responsibility
Community Relations
The process by which people in sport, in a sport setting, or through a sport endeavor share symbols as they create meaning through interaction is called
Sport Communication
Community relations professionals must deal with the ethical issue of
Which communication theory states that audience members self-select which mass media messages to embrace based on their psychological dispositions and needs?
uses and gratification
Which of the following is NOT an element of the strategic sport communication model (SSCM)?

a. sport communication process
b. personal and organizational communication in sport
c. sport legal issues
d. sport mass media
e. sport communication services and support

Sport Legal Issues
T or F: The public information model of communication is a two-way model that has imbalanced effects.
T or F: Common contexts for communication include interpersonal, group, organizational, and mass mediated.
Which of the following sport communication models is a two-way model meant to foster mutual understanding?
Which of the following is NOT one of the typical duties for a sport media relations specialist?
a.Managing the press box
b.writing news releases
c. engaging in partnerships with charitable organizations
d.planning news conferences
Engaging in partnerships with charitable organizations
Sport _______________ professionals are responsible for creating, organizing, and executing charitable initiatives and other programs designed to involve the sport entity in community enhancement.
community relations
measuring the increase in revenues, taxes, and jobs due to a sport event or facility?
Economic impact study
T or F: Most collegiate athletics programs, even at the Division I level, do not produce enough revenue to cover their costs.
_______________ is the relationship between the price of a product and the amount of the product that suppliers are willing to produce and sell.
T or F: A general sport management degree will usually suffice for obtaining a career in finance with a sport organization.
What type of facility is a softball complex?
Single Purpose
What type of facility is a skateboard park
nontraditional purpose
Although all facilities are somewhat different, what three positions exist in most facilities?
facility director, operations manager, event coordinator
T or F: The pressure for perfection in event management is low.
Which event management employee is responsible for personnel, procedures, and activities such as ceremonies and protocol, sponsorship, and VIP services?
public relations, marketing, and hospitality division manager
T or F: The major tasks to be done after the event include scheduling the event, negotiating the details with the organization involved, and coordinating how every aspect of the event is to be managed.
A document that illustrates all requirements of an event is referred to as a
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