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Singapore Airlines is one of the most respected names in airline industry. The growth which this organization has made over the past few years has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The management follows basic rules of customer satisfaction and cherishment and this customer service has given Singapore Airlines competitive advantage over its international rivals. Singapore Airlines does not have domestic routes to monopolize.On each and every aspect, it has to deal with global giants in order to get best results. Given such enormous competition in the industry, it becomes pretty important for the management to take account of the customer service. Singapore Airlines has introduced a number of joint ventures with international giants and has been pretty successful in providing innovative services to the customers.

Competitive advantage in the service sector is often gained by product differentiation.In service industry, this differentiation comes from the way the organization treats its customers. The first innovative service comes from the ambience which the airlines gives to the customers. The crew of the airlines are dressed in elegantly fashioned Malay sarong kebaya, contrived by celebrated fashion house, Pierre Balmain.

There is individual attention to the customers. They are served with excellent food and beverages along with warm towels and every request of the customer is met with complete details.The airway allows for all passengers, disregarding of class, with appetizers, exquisitely wines, and in-flight movies without taking anything out of their pockets. SIA has been the pioneer of these innovative services which were later copied by some other eastern airlines. Singapore Airlines also brought in the groundbreaking Modern Raffles Class Space Bed.

It is something new in the airline industry and it allows for first-time luxury and comfort, assuring that passengers awake at their terminus finding refreshed and ready to go.Measuring the customer Service: SIA has introduced a number of internal control systems in order to keep a check the quality of customer service which they have been providing to the customers. Apart from the usual internal checks and feedbacks collected from the customers, they have invented certain devices which have helped in increasing overall customer service efficiency. They take the services of INRA (International Research Associates) every three years in order to keep the track of their competitive ratings.

The organization has been among the top scorers in these competitive ratings. Apart from this, they have indulged the assistance of some professional consultants in order to understand the internal feedback of the staff for customer service. At the end of the day it is the staffs which are going to deliver the services to the clients and hence their attitude has to be understood. In-flight service innovations: It is often seen that the best feedback could be attained at the time of journey.SIA has introduced a number of in flight service innovations which have helped them to manage and maintain high customer service. In all, there have been a number of facts which SIA has undertaken over the years for providing the best possible service to the clients.

They have been pretty successful in providing the best outcomes to the customers and apart from that, in future, more customer interference in the management decision making could be expected.Reference

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