Similarities and differences between Federalists and Republican political parties

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The main reason that different parties exist is that they are different in almost every sense. All the parties that have surfaced up till now have different philosophies, different motives and different opinions.

The Federalist and the Republican political party came into existence almost together in 1792. The federalists came into existence first with the initiative taken by John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and John Marshall. In response to this and the differences that arose the Republican Party was created.This was the start of the split of the political parties in the United States.

These two parties were different in their status of the people involved, thinking, and policies.

Similarities Federalists and Democratic Republicans

Both the parties had very few similarities between them. They were together on the fact that there should be complete freedom given to each and every American citizen. They believed that they should have the freedom of speech, the freedom of press and the freedom of religion.Both of the parties have the same stance on the effects of the human nature as well.

Differences between Federalist and Republican

The Federalist political party consisted of all the rich businessmen and merchants, lawyers and professionals.

And so they believed that the upper class of the country should rule over the country and that the common men should have the least representation in any ruling of the nation. Basically, the Federalists believed in strong central government leadership because they thought that only a strong person can rule the country.They supported for the development of the industrial sector of the nation. For this reason they were heavily supported by the northern part. They supported Britain and along with it all the other things that were British. The Federalists members were of the opinion that the constitution should not be interpreted strictly and that anything that is not stated but can be understood from the words of the constitution should also be applicable.

They were also of the opinion that there should be National Bank that should be responsible for all the debt issues and the issue of the currency. On the other hand, the Republican political party consisted of the small businessmen, laborers and mostly farmers. Therefore, they believed that it was the common man that made a strong nation. They believed that instead of the strong federal government, there should be strong state governments and that the nations should focus of the development of the agricultural sector.

For this reason they were heavily supported by the southern part. They supported the France and all those things that were French. The republicans believed that the constitution should be interpreted strictly and that there are no understood or implied meanings of the words written in the constitution. They were of the opinion that instead of the National Bank, there should be state banks that should deal with the issue of currency and the debt issues (Publius, 2006).

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