Sheep Management Practices

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species name for sheep.
Fine Wool Breeds
produce wool fibers which have a very small diameter and are known for their flocking instinct.
Medium Wool Breeds
cross between a fine wool breed and a long wool breed; large framed and capable of producing a high quality, high yielding fleece.
Long Wool Breeds
produce high yielding fleeces; popular amond hand spinners.
Meat/Terminal Sire Breeds
breeds of sheep which excel in feed, rate of gain and muscularity.
Dairy Breeds
milked to produce products for human consumption.
Prolific Breeds
known for their multiple births.
Purebred Sheep
used for genetic potential
Commercial Sheep Production
aimed to maximize production and market value of offspring.
animals with a four compartment stomach.
overeating disease.
Staple Length
length of the wool fibers.
length of pregnancy.
removal of the testicles from a male animals.
removing the tail at or near the tailhead.

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