ServSafe Part One

How can an unapproved supplier threaten a food-service operation’s overall food safety?
The supplier may not be upholding national standards and may not be the most reliable source to provide safe foods.
What are the 3 categories of contaminants that can make food unsafe?
What is the definition of contamination?
The presence of harmful substances in food.
Why are preschool-age children considered high-risk?
Their immune system is still developing.
How can practicing poor person hygiene increase the risk of a food becoming unsafe?
Poor hygiene exposes the food to bacterias & viruses transferred by humans.
What are examples of a physical contaminant?
jewelry, dirt, etc…
What should a server keep in mind when suggesting menu items to a customer?
Presenting ingridients that may be potential food allergies for the customer.
Why is cross-contact a problem for customers with food allergies?
If the food that contains the allergy touches the server it can be transferred to the customer
Why should food handlers keep their fingernails short?
To prevent dirt from getting under the nails.
What is the definition of a finger cot, and how is it used?
bandage to cover finger
What are the 3 things to remember when putting on gloves?
Wash hands before, correct size, hold gloves by the edge, don’t blow in glove, don’t remove over food.
What are the 3 ways that managers can prove to regulatory authorities that they have informed staff to report any illness?
keep a record, doctors notes, signs placed within the establishment (?)
How does cross-contamination occur?
The bacteria or viruses/contaminated ingredient touches food with no further cooking.
What is the temperature danger zone?
41F-135F, allows contaminents to grow faster.
To what does the term “calibration” refer?
Adjusted to give correct reading.
When should food deliveries be scheduled?
Not during a rush/not during work hours
What is the definition of a key drop delivery?
Food service deliveries – after hours, when they are closed.
What are two possible reasons for a food to be recalled by the manufacturer?
Damaged goods, thawed/refrozen meats.
What is the definition of a shellshock identification tag?
the correct documentation for receiving shellfish.
Why should you reject frozen food that has large ice crystals on it?
It was more than likely frozen for too long thawed & refrozen = temp danger zone.
A foodborne-illness outbreak is confirmed when
ONE person falls ill and the situation has been investigated and verified.
Which is an example of a biological contaminant?
fish bone in a fillet
Failing to cook food correctly is an example of
Why does TCS food require time and temperature control for safety?
Raw food is susceptible to contamination
Washed fruits and vegetables and deli meat are examples of
heat-treated food
T/F: TCS food and ready-to-eat food are the same thing.
T/F: Managers are largely responsible for monitoring the process of staff handwashing within the operation.
T/F: The Food and Drug Admin is the organization that recommends regulatory authorities hold managers responsible for ensuring certain safety standards are met
Which is a common food allergen?
If a foodservice operation has a “secret ingredient” in one of its dishes, what must the staff do?
Inform the local health inspector if any customer has adverse reactions to the dish.
Using the same knife to slice Italian bread and wheat bread without cleaning and sanitizing the knife between uses could result in
What is the safest material for a stockpot that will be used to make tomato sause?
T/F: The best way to prevent chemical contamination in any foodservice operation is to avoid using any chemicals on the premises
A.L.E.R.T. is a type of food defense program created by the F&D Admin
Food handlers can have bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food when
the regulatory authority allows it and the food has been commercially processed.
Single-use gloves should be worn when
wear a hair accessory
Which jewelry is permissible to wear in the kitchen?
digital watch
Food handlers must be excluded from work if they have which symptom?
Sore throat
T/F: Diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis B and C, and tuberculosis can be spread by pathogens in food.
T/F: Food handlers should wash their hands is after handling raw meat or poultry.
Which thermometer does not have to touch the surface of food to check the temp accurately?
Bimetallic stemmed thermometer
Which thermometer has a dimple on it to indicate the end of the temperature-sensing area?
Penetration probe
A hanging thermometer in a walk-in cooler should be accurate to within how many degrees Ferenheit?
Food handler dropped bimetallic thermometer on the floor what does he do next?
replace the bimetallic stemmed thermometer with a glass thermometer.
T/F: The movement of food from purchasing and receiving through cooking and serving is known as the flow of food
T/F: The longer food stays in the temperature danger zone, the more time pathogens have to grow.
A package of vacuum-packed bacon should be rejected if the packaging is
Which food requires additional documentation stating that it was raised to FDA standards
Fresh produce
Which product must be pasteurized if it will be used in a foodservice operation?
Liquid, frozen, and dehydrated eggs
Which fresh food should be packaged with crushed, self-draining ice?
Which type of meat should be bright cherry red in order to be considered acceptable?
T/F: Good manufacturing practices, or GMPs, are the FDA’s minimum sanitation and processing requirements for producing safe food.
T/F: Time-temperature abuse is not a concern in the receiving area.
In the partial cooking process, what is the maximum amount of time that food should be cooked during initial cooking?
45 minutes
Where is the best place to cool a large pot of corn chowder?
In an ice-water bath
Which type of cooling method pushes cold air across food at high speeds to remove heat?
Ice paddle
When reheating TCS food for hot-holding, how long must it hold an internal temp of 165F(74C)?
5 seconds
T/F: Food that has exceeded the time and temperature requirements designed to keep food safe should be thrown out.
T/F: Freezing food kills pathogens
T/F: Cooking can reduce pathogens in food, but will not destroy spores or toxins they may have produced.
Which item can be re-served to customers?
Bowls of salsa
Sneeze guards must be placed over self-service areas at a minimum height above the counter of
14 inches
How should the ladle for a self-serve pot of soup be served?
in the soup with the handle below the rim of the pot.
How often are managers required to check the shelf life of products in a vending machine?
Twice a day, Weekly (both are correct)
When vending machine refrigerated food that was prepped on-site is not sold within 7 days, it should be
T/F: The conditions for holding cold food and those for holding hot food are exactly the same
T/F: If a bulk unpackaged food makes no claim regarding health or nutrient content, it does not ahve to be labeled in self-service areas.
What is the first step of creating a crisis management plan?
Assemble a crisis kit
When developing a foodborne illness incident report form to use in the foodservice operation, you should obtain guidance from
medical facilities
An imminent health hazard is one that requires
fines from the local regulatory authorities
What is the recommended response if ice cannot be made during a water service interruption?
Throw out the existing ice and use ice purchased from an approved supplier
T/F: It is important to remember that active managerial control is reactive rather than proactive
T/F: A critical control point is the point in the food process where an identified hazard can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to safe levels.
What might have to be done if a water heater is unable to heat water to the temperatures required for hot-water sanitizing?
Warm water can be used instead
What is the best way to prevent backflow?
install a vacuum in the plumbing system
Which areas of the kitchen need the brightest light?
Where should indoor garbage containers be kept?
away from food and prep areas
When cleaning the foodservice operation, an employee should watch the floors, foundation, and ceilings for leaks, cracks, and
T/F: A local regulatory authority must approve a foodservice operation’s construction plans before any construction can start
T/F: A floor’s resiliency refers to how well it reacts to a shock without breaking or cracking.
T/F: Men’s and women’s restrooms have the same cleaning and supplying needs.
What should the temperature of the final sanitizing rinse be in a high-temp dishwashing machine
160F (71C)
When using a three-compartment sink, which step should directly preceed air-drying items?
rinse items in the second sink
where should wiping towels be stored between uses
in a food handler’s apron pocket
When storing sanitized tableware and equipment, why must utensils be kept at least 6 inches off of the floor?
to keep them stored above kitchen cleaners and sanitizers
What is the first step in developing an effective cleaning program?
create a master cleaning schedule
T/F: All detergents contain surfactants in order to reduce the surface tensions between the dirt and surface being cleaned
T/F: All kitchen surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized regardless of whether they come into contact with food.

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