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What are the 2 ways for remote clients to connect to a server in order to benefit from the Remote Desktop Easy Print driver?
Remote Desktop Connection program or the RD Web Access site
The hardware that actually produces your hard-copy documents is called a _______.
Print device
In Windows, a ______ is the software interface through which a computer communicates with a print device.
What are the differences, physically and logically, between the two printing configurations: Network-attached Printing and Network-attached Printer Sharing?
They are essentially the same physically. Logically, the print jobs are handled differently.
You have an executive who needs her print jobs handled above those of others. How would you accomplish this advanced printing configuration?
Connect multiple print servers to a single print device
Your environment includes many users who print documents often. A single print device isn’t sufficient. You need a “printer pool” to accommodate all the concurrent print jobs. How would you accomplish this advanced printing configuration?
Connect a single printer to multiple print devices
Which of the following is NOT a basic printer permission?
Take ownership
To configure a printer pool, you enabled printer pooling on the Ports tab under Printer Properties. You have five print devices ready for the printer pool. Of those five, four are in one room. Of the four, three use the same print driver. Of those three, two print devices are identical. How many print devices are in your printer pool?
There are many different printing configurations available with the default Windows Server 2012 installation. However, additional features are available after installing the Print and Document Services role. Which of these would be available only after installing the Print and Document Services role? (Select all that apply)
Internet Printing
Print Server
Distributed Scan Services
The easiest way to deploy several printers to several clients is to ______.
configure the needed policy in a GPO. Then link the GPO to either the users or the computers.
In an enterprise environment with hundreds of print devices, you hear early complaints of a few devices with errors. Suspecting more to come, you need to find all affected printers. How do you proceed?
With the Print and Document Services role added, create a custom filter in the Print Management console to search for affected printers
When managing printers, what is a method of giving certain users in your organization priority access to a print device? How to assure their print jobs are handled above others?
With the Manage This Printer permission, configure Printer Properties of a printer and set priority to a higher number than others, up to 99
What basic printer permission do you grant a user to be able to pause, resume, restart and cancel their own print jobs, as well as the print jobs of others?
Manage documents
When a Remote Desktop Services client connects to a server, it runs applications using the server. However, if that client wants to print a document from one of those applications, the client wants to use the print device connected to the local client computer. What component allows a remote desktop services client to print locally?
Remote Desktop Easy Print
What is XML Paper Specification (XPS)?
print job files stay a single document format to the print device, rather than conversion through EMS and PCL
Which of these four printer configurations is best for a company of several users using only a few printers? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
Network-attached printer sharing
Your responsibilities include managing documents, particularly those waiting in the print queue. How does Windows Server 2012 permit viewing these documents as administrator? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
You can view documents per print queue.
What permission do users have by default regarding printer access and the ability to manage documents? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
By default, all printers assign the Allow Print permission to Everyone.
What administrative tool consolidates the controls for the printing components throughout the enterprise into a single console? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
Print Management snap-in for MMC
With one network printing configuration, you do not have to attach print devices to computers; instead, you can connect them directly to the network, also called __________________________.
Network-attached Printing
What printing configuration makes the computer with the locally attached print device function as a print server?
Locally Attached Printer Sharing
What printing configuration provides for larger printing volume and a single print queue for administration?
Network-attached Printer Sharing
What is the simplest printing configuration?
Direct Printing
Internet printing creates a website that enables users on the Internet to send print jobs to shared Windows printers. How can an administrator add Internet Printing to a designated print server? Choose and order the steps needed to accomplish this task
Using Server Manager’s Add Roles and Features Wizard, Print and Document Services role
On the Select role services page, select Internet Printing
The Add Roles and Features wizard shows dependencies such as the Web Server (IIS)
See new Print Services icon appear on Server Manager
Order the steps to install a printer in Windows Server 2012. Not all steps will be used.
Select the print device’s specific manufacturer and model.
Specify the port (or other interface) the computer will use to access the print device.
Supply a printer driver specifically created for that print device.
Your company environment is very large, including several Windows Firewalls. How can you remotely configure the firewall on several servers at once?
Applying a Group Policy related to Windows Firewall to the servers
By default, Server Manager does not connect with down-level servers (for example, Windows Server 2008). What must be done to properly connect?
Add WinRM 3.0 support by installing the necessary updates and hotfix.
Considering PowerShell Web Access Gateway is on the network perimeter, administrators should ensure ______.
the server is as secure as possible
As PowerShell Web Access Gateway is added on a server, the feature installs the code for the gateway website and a PowerShell cmdlet. What is that cmdlet called?
Windows Firewall is enabled by default in Windows Server 2012. How are remote management tools affected?
MMC is blocked. You must enable several inbound Windows Firewall rules on the remote server.
Server Manager allows you to organize servers into groups. What is Microsoft’s suggested method of grouping?
Groups might designate a particular location or servers performing a particular function.
Your Server Manager manages many down-level servers (for example, Windows Server 2008). What tool do you use to add roles and features to a down-level server?
Use Windows PowerShell to install the role.
For enterprise networks administrators, it might be necessary to add several servers to Server Manager. To avoid working with a long scrolling list of servers, you can create ________, based on an organizational paradigm.
server groups
PowerShell Web Access Gateway allows _______.
administrators to use their web browser as a remote management gateway
What tool is used to create PowerShell Web Access Gateway authorization rules?
PowerShell cmdlets
What is the default web address for the PowerShell Web Access Gateway?
What is the PowerShell cmdlet for listing the roles and features on a remote server?
Rather than using a Windows Server 2012 server, how does Microsoft recommend you remotely manage Windows servers?
From a workstation
How can an administrator configure the Windows Firewall on a Server Core installation without working from the command line?
Use Group Policy.
Nothing must be installed or prepared to utilize Windows Remote Management (WinRM) on a Windows Server 2012?
Configure-SMRemoting.exe -“Get” is the PowerShell command to check the status of Windows Remote Management (WinRM)?
Entering the cmdlet Configure-SMRemoting.exe -Disable disables WinRM using PowerShell?
You have a few down-level servers, two Windows Server 2008 and one Windows Server 2008 R2. You would like to remotely manage these with Windows Server 2012 Server Manager. .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows Management Framework 4.0 are the two updates you need to install before Server Manager can connect properly.
You want to manage servers using commands over a web browser. You install PowerShell Web Access Gateway, IIS, and an SSL certificate; however, you can connect, but cannot log on. To correct this problem, you need to create authorization rules.
You finished installing the PowerShell Web Access Gateway. Now it is time to test the installation. You open up a PowerShell session and execute the UnInstall-PswaWebApplication -UseTestCertificate command.
You opened Group Policy Management console to create a new GPO for configuring Windows Firewall. User ConfigurationPoliciesWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsWindows Firewall with Advanced SecurityInbound Rules is the path to the node where you can create new rules.
The security configuration of the Windows PowerShell Web Access gateway server is crucial, employing a security certificate from a trusted certification authority and user-specific authorization rules. Why are these security measures so crucial? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
There is no security on the client side of the application, instead relying on strong server side security.
What happens if you try to add servers that are not members to a domain (Workgroup) to Server Manager? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
Server Manager usually allows you to add workgroup servers, but attempts to access the remote server fail with a “Credentials not valid” error.
What is the primary difference between the Windows Server 2012 Server Manager and previous versions? Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
Windows Server 2012 Server Manager allows management of multiple remote servers at once
Configuring the PowerShell Web Access Gateway is a matter of configuring IIS to associate the gateway web application (called pswa) with a website, and secure the website with ________. Multiple answers may be correct. Choose the BEST answer according to Microsoft.
a digital certificate

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