SEC 110 Final Review

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evil twin
What type of access point is configured by an attacker in such a manner that it mimics an authorized access point?
What term below is used to describe an attack that sends unsolicited messages to Bluetooth enabled devices?
Personal Area Network
Bluetooth is an example of what type of technology below?
What term below is used to describe an attack that sends unsolicited messages to Bluetooth enabled devices?
48 bits
The Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) encryption technology increases IVs to what length?
Which of the following choices is not one of the four types of packets used by EAP?
A Bluetooth attack in which the attacker accesses unauthorized information from a wireless device using a Bluetooth connection, is known as?
What is the maximum number of characters that can exist within an SSID name?
When using AES-CCMP, the AES-256 bit key requires how many rounds??
Which EAP protocol creates an encrypted channel between the client authentication server and the client, and uses Microsoft Windows logins and passwords?
Piconets in which connections exist between different piconets are known as a:
Captive portal access point
How can an administrator force wireless clients to use a standard web browser to provide information, and require a user to agree to a use policy or present valid login credentials?
Which encryption protocol below is used in the WPA2 standard?
What proprietary EAP method developed by Cisco requires mutual authentication for WLAN encryption using Cisco client software?
33 ft
What is the maximum range of most Bluetooth devices?
An access point that is unauthorized and allows an attacker to bypass network security configurations is considered to be what type of access point?
Bluetooth v1.2
The IEEE 802.15.1-2005 standard is based on what version of the Bluetooth specifications?
Select the EAP protocol supported by WPA2 Enterprise that securely tunnels any credential form for authentication using TLS:
Which option below is responsible for the issuing of EAP request packets?
Access Point
What device acts like a wireless base station in a network, acting as a bridge between wireless and wired networks?
Active slave
Slave devices that are connected to a piconet and are sending transmissions are known as what?
?What mobile operating system below requires all applications to be reviewed and approved before they can be made available on the public store front?
?Extreme Capacity (SDXC)
?Select below the option that is not one of the SD format card families:
?Location services
Mobile devices with global positioning system (GPS) abilities typically make use of:?
?Google Glass
Select below the option that represents a wearable technology:?
?Credential management
?Mobile Device Management systems that allow users to store usernames and passwords within a device are said to be using:
?Track stolen devices
?Which of the following selections is not one of the features provided by a typical MDM?
?Type I
What PC Card type is typically used for memory??
The PC Card and CardBus devices are being replaced by what technology?
?What PIN is considered to be the most commonly used PIN?
?A laptop may have multiple hardware ports. Which of the following is not a typical port included on a laptop?
?Mobile Application Management
?How can an administrator manage applications on mobile devices using a technique called “app wrapping?”
?Personal digital assistant (PDA)
?What term below describes a hand-held mobile device that was intended to replace paper systems, and typically included an appointment calendar, an address book, a “to-do” list, a calculator, and the ability to record limited notes?
?Select below the type of computing device that uses a limited version of the Linux operating system and uses a web browser with an integrated media player:
?Enable a lock screen
?What can be enabled to prevent a mobile device from being used until a user enters the correct passcode, such as a pin or password?
?Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO)
What SD card family can be used to transmit pictures over a wireless network to a laptop hard drive or wireless printer??
?A video
A QR code can’t contain which of the following items directly?
?An ultrabook is an example of what type of a portable computer?
?Removable media storage
?Select below the item that is not considered to be a basic characteristic of mobile devices:
?Inventory control
?What term is used to describe the operation of stockrooms where mobile devices are stored prior to their dispersal to employees?
?Mobile Device Management (MDM)
What type of management system below can help facilitate asset tracking?
Select below the authentication system developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to verify the identity of network users:
access control model
What is the name for a predefined framework that can be used for controlling access, and is embedded into software and hardware?
A list that specifies which subjects are allowed to access an object and what operations they can perform on it is referred to as a(n):
The action that is taken by a subject over an object is called a(n):
Rule Based Access Control
Which access control model can dynamically assign roles to subjects based on a set of defined rules?
Separation of duties
A vulnerable process that is divided between two or more individuals to prevent fraudulent application of the process is known as:
When using Role Based Access Control (RBAC), permissions are assigned to:
What authentication service commonly used on UNIX devices involves communicating user authentication information to a centralized server?
Discretionary Access Control
Which access control model is considered to be the least restrictive?
The X.500 standard defines a protocol for a client application to access an X.500 directory known as which of the following options?
Account expiration
To assist with controlling orphaned and dormant accounts, what can be used to indicate when an account is no longer active?
Role Based Access Control
Select below the access control model that uses access based on a user’s job function within an organization:
LDAP injection
What kind of attack allows for the construction of LDAP statements based on user input statements, which can then be used to access the LDAP database or modify the database’s information?
Although designed to support remote dial-in access to a corporate network, what service below is commonly used with 802.1x port security for both wired and wireless LANs?
Entries within a Directory Information Base are arranged in a tree structure called the:
authentication request
During RADIUS authentication, what type of packet includes information such as identification of a specific AP that is sending the packet and the username and password?
User accounts that remain active after an employee has left an organization are referred to as being what type of accounts?
Mandatory Access Control
What access control model below is considered to be the most restrictive access control model, and involves assigning access controls to users strictly according to the custodian?
A user or a process functioning on behalf of the user that attempts to access an object is known as the:
In a UAC prompt, what color is used to indicate the lowest level of risk?
protocol analyzer
Passwords that are transmitted can be captured by what type of software?
Cognitive biometrics
Which type of biometrics is based on the perception, thought process, and understanding of the user?
?Common Access Card (CAC)
?A U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) smart card that is used for identification of active-duty and reserve military personnel along with civilian employees and special contractors is called:
Brute force
What type of attack involves using every possible combination of letters, numbers, and characters to create candidate digests that are then matched against those in a stolen digest file?
offline cracking
What type of attack involves an attacker stealing a file containing password digests and comparing the digests with digests created by the attacker?
A secret combination of letters, numbers, and/or characters that only the user should have knowledge of, is known as a:
Standard biometrics
What kind of biometrics utilizes a person’s unique physical characteristics for authentication, such as fingerprints or unique characteristics of a person’s face?
?What federated identity management (FIM) relies on token credentials?
Dwell time
Which term below describes the time it takes for a key to be pressed and then released?
Single Sign On
The use of one authentication credential to access multiple accounts or applications is referred to as?
What variation of a dictionary attack involves a dictionary attack combined with a brute force attack, and will slightly alter dictionary words by adding numbers to the end of the password, spelling words backward, slightly misspelling words, or including special characters?
What technology allows users to share resources stored on one site with a second site without forwarding their authentication credentials to the other site?
Identity management
The use of a single authentication credential that is shared across multiple networks is called:
human memory
What is the center of the weakness of passwords?
?Select below the decentralized open-source FIM that does not require specific software to be installed on the desktop:
?Which hashing algorithm below is used with NTLMv2’s Hashed Message Authentication Code?
?HMAC-Based one-time password (HOTP)
?What type of one-time password (OTP) changes after a set time period?
What can be used to increase the strength of hashed passwords??
?A list of the available nonkeyboard characters can be seen in Windows by opening what utility?
Rainbow tables
The use of what item below involves the creation of a large pregenerated data set of candidate digests?
Multiple sectors on a disk, when combined, are referred to as a:
RAM slack
The remaining cluster space of a partially filled sector is padded with contents from RAM. What is the name for this type of scenario?
uninterruptible power supply
How can an administrator keep devices powered when power is interrupted?
mirror image
What is the name for an image that consists of an evidence-grade backup because its accuracy meets evidence standards?
Business impact analysis (BIA)
When a company needs to identify mission-critical business functions and quantify the impact a loss of such functions may have on the organization in terms of it’s operational and financial position, what should be performed?
Drive file slack
What kind of slack is created from information stored on a hard drive, which can contain remnants of previously deleted files or data?
single point of failure
Which term below describes a component or entity in a system which, if it no longer functions, will disable an entire system?
system image
A snapshot of the current state of a computer that contains all current settings and data is known as what option below:
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), what percentage of crime committed today leaves behind digital evidence that can be retrieved via computer forensics?
?What RAID type below utilizes parity data across all drives instead of using a separate drive to hold parity error checking information?
What kind of data can be lost when a computer is turned off?
chain of custody
What term is used to describe a documentation of control over evidence, which is used to ensure that no unauthorized person was given the opportunity to corrupt the evidence?
Business continuity planning and testing
The process of identifying exposure to threats, creating preventive and recovery procedures, and then testing them to determine if they are sufficient, is known as:
warm site
A location that has all the equipment installed but does not have active Internet or telecommunications facilities, and does not have current backups of data, is an example of a:
Faraday cage
A metallic enclosure that prevents the entry or escape of an electromagnetic field is known as a:
Computer forensics
Using technology to search for computer evidence of a crime in order to retrieve information, even if it has been altered or erased, that can be used in pursuit of an attacker or criminal is an example of:
Disaster recovery
What type of plans include procedures to address redundancy and fault tolerance as well as data backups?
symmetric server
In what type of server cluster can services fail over from downed servers to functional servers?
asymmetric server
Select below the type of cluster that is used to provide high-availability applications that require a high level of read and write actions, such as databases, messaging systems, and file and print services:
service level agreement
A service contract between a vendor and a client that specifies what services will be provided, the responsibilities of each party, and any guarantees of service, is known as:
Acceptable use policies
Generally considered to be the most important information security policies, what item below defines the actions a user may perform while accessing systems and networking equipment?
What kind of policy outlines how organizations use personal information it collects?
social networking
Websites that group individuals and organizations into clusters or groups based on some sort of affiliation are considered to be what type of websites?
security-related human resource policy
Policies that include statements regarding how an employee’s information technology resources will be addressed are part of a:
What type of learner tends to sit in the middle of the class and learns best through lectures and discussions?
What kind of learners learn from taking notes, being at the front of the class, and watching presentations?
What can be defined as the study of what a group of people understand to be good and right behavior and how people make those judgments?
A collection of suggestions that should be implemented are referred to as a:
change management team
Due to the potential impact of changes that can affect all users in a organization, and considering that security vulnerabilities can arise from uncoordinated changes, what should an organization create to oversee changes?
Which term below describes the art of helping an adult learn?
A document that outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met
Select below the option that best describes a policy:
?What is the most common type of P2P network?
Incident response
What may be defined as the components required to identify, analyze, and contain an incident?
Which type of network below uses a direct connection between users, and involves each device simultaneously acting as a client and a server?
What type of learner learns best through hands-on approaches?
Incident management
What is the name for a framework and corresponding functions required to enable incident response and incident handling within an organization?
security policy
A written document that states how an organization plans to protect the company’s information technology assets is a:
What concept below is at the very heart of information security?
A person’s fundamental beliefs and principals, which are used to define what is good, and how to distinguish right from wrong, are collectively called a person’s:
What are values that are attributed to a system of beliefs that help the individual distinguish right from wrong called?

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