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IMG was originally formed to
locate endorsement opportunities for a professional golfer

A script; a specific, detailed, minute-by-minute schedule of activities throughout the day, is often used by event staff performing what function?
Tournament operations

Ticket sales can be an effective way to generate revenue at what type of events?
Larger events, such as the World Cup of Soccer

The touring of star athletes and teams to promote the popularity of a particular sport were
called barnstorming tours

The reserve system in Major League Baseball was
a rule that limited a free and open market for players

Which of the following does not describe the functions performed by a sport agent?
Negotiating the collective bargaining contract for the player or coach

When a sport management/marketing agency limits either the scope of services performed or the type of clients serviced, it is known as
a specialized agency

Which one does not describe the ways that players associations support players?
Providing them with equipment and instruction to enable them to perform at the highest possible level

Who is often called the first sports agent?
C.C. Pyle

A conflict of interest occurs most probably if
an agent’s own interests are furthered over that of the athlete’s interests

A sport management/marketing agency is defined as
a business that represents the legal and marketing interests of athletes

When a company such as Visa handles all of its sports-related activities internally, it is known as
an in-house agency

A collective bargaining agreement is
a contract for all players in the league

One of the first agents to represent individual athletes and a pioneer of the sport marketing industry is:
Mark McCormack

The nuts and bolts of an event are described as the activities that take place within
tournament operations

The Joyce Julius agency quantifies the value of sponsorships by computing the amount of media exposure afforded a company’s logos, displays, and signage. This is an example of what type of service?
Market research

Which one of the following companies is not currently one of the three (3) largest sport management companies?

What is the most likely unethical behavior to occur by agents in college athletics?
Overly aggressive client recruitment

Octagon represents athletes such as Davis Love III (golf), runs events such as the Gravity Games, and consults with corporations on their sport sponsorship involvement among other activities. As such, Octagon is known as
a full-service agency