Shelf storage, pallet storage, and rack storage are examples of
Storage Types
Consider the following scenario, then choose which one of the options below corresponds to the level of CIRs and PIRs after consumption.

Before consumption:
Procurement proposal for CIRs: 50
Procurement proposal for PIRs: 50

CIRs: 50, PIRs: 0
Which of the following represents the document used to plan the movement of materials into and out of bins in a warehouse?
In the production process, a goods issue reflects
Issuing raw materials or semifinished goods to a production order.
The organizational data elements in material planning are:
Client, company code, plant, storage location.
Which of the following is a request to change the status of the material?
Posting change notice
Replenishment lead time is
The time between placing an order and receiving the materials.
Given the following information, use the net requirement calculation to calculate the available stock.

MRP type is consumption-based planning.

Plant stock = 100
Receipts = 20
Issues = 10
Safety stock = 30

Setup time is the time required to
Set up the work centers used in production.
Which of the following options is appropriate when two locations are physically close to each other and there is no significant time lag between issue and receipt?
One-Step Procedure
The ERP system can create transfer orders automatically, but only when
A reference document exists.
Which of the following scenarios requires material-to-material posting?
Changing the material number of a material
In SAP ERP production planning strategy, net requirements planning (Strategy 10), procurement proposals are based on
PIRs, without regard to CIRs.
Warehouse management is typically used
By organizations that have either large quantities of materials or an expensive inventory.
The static lot-sizing procedure
Specifies a fixed quantity based on either fixed lot size or lot-for-lot.
Exploding the BOM refers to
Calculating and planning requirements for materials at all levels of the BOM.
Which of the following statements best represents what procurement type indicates?
Whether a material is produced in house, obtained externally, both, or none
What is SOP used for?
Forecasting and planning
A picking area groups which of the following elements?
Storage bins, based on similar picking strategies
The key organizational level associated with inventory management is
Storage location.
When creating a transfer order, you find that a particular material has to be moved from multiple source bins. Which of the following statements follows from this scenario?
The transfer order will have multiple line items for the material.
Which of the following represents the hierarchy of a warehouse?
Warehouse, storage type, storage section, storage bin
MRP type specifies
The production control technique used in planning.
What is a stock transfer used for?
To physically move materials within the enterprise from one organizational level or location to another
Requirements that are calculated based on actual and forecasted sales are known as
Planned independent requirements.
The planning table is best defined as
A spreadsheet-like tool used to complete the tasks in SOP.
Which of the following statements about consumption-based planning is TRUE?
Planning is based on historical data.
Shelves, stacks, and aisles are examples of
Coordinate systems for addresses.
Which of the following statements about the goods receipt step are NOT true?
It results in a decrease in inventory.
A storage type is a division of a warehouse based on the characteristics of the
Space, materials, and activity.
A company has two options for procuring materials: make or buy. Which MRP data view of the material master will the ERP system consider for this decision?
Which of the following options represents categories of consumption-based planning?
Forecast-based planning, time-phased planning, reorder-point planning
Which of the following is most likely to trigger the MRP process?
Changes to MRP elements
When do unplanned receipts occur?
When a reference document does not exist
Which one of the steps listed most likely would be the final step in the procurement process?
Send payment
In which of the following processes is a material document NOT created?
Warehouse management
After a transfer order related to fulfillment has been confirmed, which of the following steps is most likely to occur next?
Shipping, billing, and payment are steps in which process?
Receive invoice is a step in which process?
A company has decided to acquire materials via internal procurement. What is the likely next step?
Create an STO
Identify the step in the procurement process for which a material document is created.
Goods receipt
Identify the step in the fulfillment process for which a material document is created.
Goods issue.
Which statement about the production process is TRUE?
It involves issuing materials to the production order.
In the procurement process, a purchase requisition is created during which step?
Requirements determination
In a plant-to-plant movement, valuation occurs at
Goods issue and at the valuation price of the issuing plant.
Calculate the financial effect of a goods issue posting based on the following data.

Procurement type: Internal
Materials: Pens
Quantity shipped: 100
Valuation price at the receiving plant (for one pen): $2.30
Valuation price at the sending plant (for one pen): $2.40

Debit and credit to the inventory account for $240.00.
What is the FI effect ofa goods receipt posting in the external procurement process?
Debit inventory, credit GR/IR
What is the general ledger impact when a vendor invoice is received and verified?
Debit GR/IR, credit vendor subledger account
What is the general ledger impact when a transfer requirement is created in the warehouse management process?
There is no GL impact
In WM steps related to fulfillment, a transfer order is created based on a(n)
Delivery Document
What is the general ledger impact of the goods issue step in the fulfillment process?
Debit COGS, credit inventory
Calculate the debit and credit for the goods issue step in the fulfillment process, based on the following data. (Note: You need to pick the right price for this calculation.)

Materials sold (trading goods): Printers
Quantities sold: 100
Price for customer: $120.00
Current average moving price: $85.00
Price from vendor: $84.00
Average price 30 days before customer order was placed: $86.00

What is the GL entry when a company receives a payment from a customer?
Debit bank, credit customer, credit accounts reconciliation account
What is the CO impact in the confirmation step of the production process?
Labor costs are transferred from the work centers to the production order.
What is the general ledger impact of the goods receipt step during a stock transfer?
There is no GL impact

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