Samuel Slater

AmbitiousHaving a strong desire for success
Constanthappening too often; happening continually
idealperfect for a special purpose

prosperousto become richer and richer
self-containedhaving everything that you need in one place
in order tofor this purpose
banksthe land on both sides of a river
complexa group of buildings that are related to each other
housingany place for someone to live comfortably (in a house, in a trailer, in a hotel)
monopolycomplete control over an industry so that no one can compete with you
technologyall the details and information about a complicated industry
waterwayany river, stream, or canal
in a position toable to (do something); allowed to (do something)
enableto give someone the ability to do something; to help someone; to make someone able
excludeto prevent someone from joining you; to keep someone out of your group
exportselling something to other countries
forbidto refuse to allow something; tell someone that he must not do something
prove to beto become after some time; to finally become
prosperto become richer and richer
set to workto start working with great enthusiasm
boardto get on a ship
acquireto get; to become to owner of something
disguise yourself asto wear clothes that make you look like someone else
Smuggleto sneak something into a country illegally or secretly
accommodateto provide (people) with everything that they need; to provide housing for someone
discontinueto stop something that you are doing
specialize into major in; to focus on only one kind of work
emigrateto leave your country because you want to live in another country
immigrateto arrive in your country from another country
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