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Where in salesforce can the administrator determine how many licenses have been used? (exploring the SFDC org)
Information about the amount of licenses your company has used can be found in the company profile.
Is the Gregorian calendar based on a standard fiscal year or a custom fiscal year?
(exploring the SFDC org)
Standard fiscal year
What are business hours and holidays used for?
(exploring the SFDC org)
Business hours and holidays are used to determine when a support team is available. They are also used for security purposes when some companies prefer not to allow employees log-in access outside of business hours.
What type of information can be found on the company information detail page?
(exploring the SFDC org)
-active user and feature licenses
-fiscal year
locale settings
-business hours
What are some of the differences between salesforce mobile and mobile light?
(exploring the SFDC org)
Salesforce Mobile is highly configurable and supports all custom objects and the following Standard objects:
Accounts, Assets, Cases, Contacts, Content, Events, Leads, Notes, Opportunities, Price, Books, Products, Solutions, Tasks, Users

Mobile Light does not support custom fields

Is chatter desktop required to fully implement the use of chatter in your
(exploring the SFDC org)
Do the desktop integrations and mobile applications use the web client or API client to access your Salesforce cloud(s)?
(exploring the SFDC org)
Which relationship type should be used if you would like the child object record to be deleted when the parent record is deleted?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
Master detail
Which relationship type would you use if you do not want to inherit sharing access on your child record from the related parent record?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
Look-up relationship
You want to create several new objects for the human resources department at your company to track timesheets, expenses, vacation requests, and other employee information. How would you segment these objects from the standard sales, call center and marketing applications?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
Create a human resources application with a logical grouping of tabs.
Is it possible to create a web tab without using visual force or apex code?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
5. What does a permission set allow an administrator to do?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
Assign groups of permissions
What are some of the datatypes that can be used as a formula return type?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
If an administrator creates a new custom field on the lead object how will they keep this information when the lead is converted?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
Build a custom object in the opportunity and then field map it to that custom object.
When does it make sense to create multiple page layouts for a standard or custom object?
(custom objects, tabs and apps)
What does the required field property do on a field definition?
Makes it required everywhere.
What is a user profile used for? How many profiles does a user have?
A profile is used for what they can see and how they can do it. One profile is allowed per user.
Name two client applications that allow us to access our data from the cloud?
chatter, mobile apps
What are six standard profiles?
-System admin
-standard user
-marketing user
-contract manager
-solution manager
-read only user
Why would we want to create custom profiles?
To customize the user experience in which it applies to their job.
What are some advantages of using formula fields?
Accuracy of data
Does every custom object require the creation of a custom tab?
How do record types help administrators segment records?
Business process, layouts, picklist values
What is the use case for permission sets?
Must all active users be assigned to a profile?
(security and foundations)
Yes, one profile per user.
What do the organization wide default control?
(security and foundations)
Restricting access
What does the rule hierarchy control?
(security and foundations)
Grant access and enables reporting up only
What is the difference between sharing rules and the use of account and sales teams?
(security and foundations)
The CEO needs to see the opportunities generated by all of the sales reps, what is one method that would allow this access in salesforce?
(security and foundations)
Role hierarchy
What are two areas in salesforce that are easier to manage with public groups?
(security and foundations)
Sharing rolls, Grant folder access
What are the possible ORG wide default settings?
(security and foundations)
-read only
Where are folders used in salesforce?
(security and foundations)
-email templates
What are the three levels of security access for enhanced folder sharing?
(security and foundations)
-All users
-hidden users
-specific users
If a user has all of the object permissions enabled for an object what are the four permissions that the user has been granted?
(security and foundations)
What are the four actions that can be automated in Salesforce?
-email alerts
-field updates
-outbound XML messages
Is it possible to have more than one workflow rule per object?
Your sales manager would like to improve every opportunity over $100,000 prior to moving it to a closed won stage. Is this possible to manage in Salesforce?
When are validation rules enforced?
(validation rules)
Where can administrators review how many data validation rules are on their objects?
(validation rules)
Setup> customize> (any) object> Validation rules


in “objects”

Can data validation rules be created to make fields required? If so, what are some of the functions that could do this?
(validation rules)
Can you set standard and custom fields as unique or required using the property feature?
(validation rules)
standard – no
custom – yes
What are the native import wizards in salesforce?
(data and migration cleansing)
-custom objects
What is the data loader and how do I get it?
(data and migration cleansing)
Data management> Data loader > download from Salesforce
Which fields must be in your CSV file when doing an insert or upsert when using the data loader?
(data and migration cleansing)
Anything required
When is it appropriate to use the import wizard versus the data loader? pg. 117
Import Wizard:
Under 50k records
• Leads
• Accounts
• Contacts
• SoluIons
• Custom Object Records

Data Loader:
Over 50k records
• All Objects with Edit Properties

How do folders help manage access to reports and dashboards?
By controlling who can access them
What are the four report formats that we can use to build custom reports?
Is it possible for different users to get different results on their reports? Dashboards?
Yes, because of security settings
Are administrators able to hide the standard reports from users?
Yes by hiding the folder
How many levels deep can a custom report type go?
4 levels
What are some of the types of changes in you can make to a custom report type?
-order of fields
-you can alphabetize
Which dashboard feature allows user to see a dashboard with only their own data?
The security model for only your data running user viewed as a hierarchy
Name some dashboard components.
-tables (in column form)
-gauges (helps show progress towards a goal)
-metrics (single data component)
Which dashboard components are a single data points?
metric component
What are some differences between manage packages and unmanaged packages?
Managed=updates and provides support.

Unmanaged=you get what you get no support and no updates

Are all the apps free to unlimited license customers?
Do the installations of custom applications, tabs, objects and fields count against your edition limits?
What is the maximum size a file can be that is uploaded into CRM content?
(crm content)
2 GB max CRM content
What do content deliveries allow an administrator to do?
(crm content)
What are some of the sections in the libraries overview?
(crm content)
-Top Content
-Recent Activity
-Num Downloads
-Popular Tags
-Most Active Contributors
What are the three library permissions?
(crm content)
Describe what subscriptions do in CRM content.
(crm content)
What four things can you subscribe to in CRM content?
(crm content)
What are the names of the two sub tabs on the library tab?
(crm content)
Actions & Browse (???)
Can campaigns be connected in a hierarchical structure?
(campaign and lead management)
What are the different ways that lead records can be created in Salesforce?
(campaign and lead management)
Manual entry, imported records, automated through the web-to lead code feature or through the API. You can also import leads via the campaign import wizard.
Do all converted leads need to create an opportunity record?
(campaign and lead management)
Opportunity record is optional during lead conversion. Converting a lead will automatically create an Account & Contact.
What are the required fields on a contract?
(contracts, price books, product & opportunity splits)
Account Name, Status, Contract Start Date, Contract Term
When products are used what impact does it have on opportunity object?
(contracts, price books, product & opportunity splits)
When you use products it will total the amount into the opportunity.
What are the two different types of opportunity splits?
(contracts, price books, product & opportunity splits)
Revenue splits
overlay splits
Where are case records created?
(Managing SLA’s through Case Management)
The Cases Tab
How are cases assigned?
(Managing SLA’s through Case Management)
Setup Menu>Customize>Cases>Assignment Rules
Escalation rules have rule entries with time over periods, how is this impacted by the business hours
and holidays?
(Managing SLA’s through Case Management)
True or false: cases may contain tickets for both internal business users and organizations customers? (Managing SLA’s through Case Management)
Who are the typical users of Salesforce knowledge articles?
Customers and partners??
Is the ability to create an article in a knowledge base available out of the box?
Yes it just has to be enabled
What are the use cases for data categories in knowledge?
Creating categories to sign visibility
What are some of the use cases for knowledge?
-Reduce article redundancy
-categorize information
-make finding the right answer easy
What are some qualities of good solutions?
Clear Language, Applicable Content, Easy to Read, Findable, Categorized, Published
Can a company use HTML solutions and text solutions at the same time?
What are some other features of solutions?
•Identify all Symptoms-What is the customer experiencing?
•Identify the Product Area-Where is the problem occurring?
•Explain the Cause- What is the main cause of the problem?
•Provide a fix- How is the problem resolved?
What is the name of the standard profile that could be assigned to someone in a company that is in charge of solutions?
Solutions Manager Profile
What are some of the steps that should be taken when reviewing solutions?
Make sure the solution has good structure and content. It should be easy to understand, properly categorized, have all of the necessary information and have keywords that make it easy to find.
Can a solution belong to more than one category

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