safe crisis management staff training

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
when is okay to use epsi?
when the child is causing harm to himself, harm to staff, property damage and harm to others?
what are the 5 c’s?
commited, care, consistency, competent, courage
we are committed to the welfare & the positive growth & development of individuals
we care about individuals
we know organizations which provide consistency achieve better outcomes regarding staff retnetion, staff performance & growth of individuals
we believe staff must be competent when working with individuals
courage ?
we believe in professional courage. doing what is right even when its hard
class requirments
follow instructors directions, be responsible for safety, use only SCM techs, 5 % resistence, no horse play, no physical competition, report any past or current injuries, dress comfy/ appropriate
behavior can be examined as
coping mechanisms or tech, spontaneous, manipulative, learned, potentially dangerous
the 5 rationales for training are, safety, reality, liability, professional performance & creating & maintaining a culture of care
strength based strategies & interventioans focus on the strengths of the individual instead of his/her defivits?
i can refuse to provide an individual with a grievance at my discretion
i can be charged with negligence for failing to supervise and or meet the needs of individuals
the scm curriculum focuses primarily on the saefty of the staff

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