Romeo And Julietintro Essay Example
Romeo And Julietintro Essay Example

Romeo And Julietintro Essay Example

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  • Published: December 15, 2017
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If you have ever experienced loving someone you cannot be with, then you can understand the situation faced by Romeo and Juliet in William Shakespeare's play. These young individuals defy their feuding families to embark on a passionate romance. Despite the hostility between their households, they form deep connections and impart valuable lessons about love, friendship, and enmity. Unfortunately, their choices ultimately result in tragic consequences. Romeo and Juliet serve as an embodiment of the extreme measures people may take for the sake of love.

The demise of the couple was a result of their love for each other. If their love had not been serious, this tragedy would not have occurred. The fact that Romeo chose to end his life because he believed he could not be with Juliet makes this even more tragic.


Romeo's profound love for Juliet is evident as he could not fathom living without her. Likewise, after Romeo's death, Juliet also took her own life. "O happy dagger! Here is your sheath; let me rust there and die" (V. Iii. 169-170). It is incredibly difficult to live without someone you truly love, despite their young age. Love and hate are the most powerful emotions.

Love may exist, but hate and conflict will always remain, leading to eventual separation. The deaths of Romeo and Mercutio teach a valuable lesson about the importance of friendship. While Romeo did not die for Mercutio's sake, he was willing to risk his own life for him. True friends support each other, as shown by these two individuals. At first consumed by love, Romeo hesitated before engaging in battle. However, Mercutio's self-sacrifice snapped Romeo out

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of his lovesick state and motivated him to defend his friend by killing Tybalt. Therefore, Tybalt should reconsider provoking someone like me who is accompanied by worthy souls like Mercutio in the afterlife. Despite just marrying Juliet, Romeo declares that either he or Tybalt will die because he cannot bear leaving Juliet alone. This anticipated outcome reflects their shared understanding of what must happen. If Romeo didn't truly care about Mercutio, he wouldn't have been so enraged. A genuine friend is one who is ready to risk their lives for each other.

Love and friendship are powerful emotions that provide important lessons. By observing conflicts, we gain insights into the intense passion found in romantic relationships and the strong affection experienced with close friends. Moreover, witnessing enemies engaging in fights and causing harm allows us to understand the destructive consequences of hatred. It is crucial to remember that participating in such fights not only has the potential to ruin lives but is almost certain to do so. The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet serves as a compelling example: their deep love for each other ultimately led to their untimely demise. If their love had not been genuine, they could have avoided this tragic fate.

The tragedy lies in the fact that Romeo took his own life because it is nearly impossible to live without the person you truly love. Love and hate are the two forces that drive his existence, constantly battling within him. When Table killed Mercuric, Romeo's love for his friend outweighed his emotional turmoil, and he retaliated against Table. In an instant, Table was dead. "Now, Table, take back the revenge

you owe me, for my dear friend's soul deserves justice."

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