Rise Of Hitler Flashcard

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Why were idealistic supporters of the Nazi party willing to endorse Hitler’s annexation of Austria?
they wanted a quick return to the former power and glory of Germany
What was the original purpose of the SS?
to intimidate the German population
Hitler most likely forced Jews to wear a yellow star so that Jews could
be identified and arrested more easily
The Nazi party most strongly appealed to the German people because it
blamed others for losing the war
Hitler can be described as a fanatical despot because he
worshiped force and despised persuasion
When Hitler assumed control over the Nazi party, he immediately
began enforcing his personal nationalistic and racist views
The Third Reich based it’s power primarily on
What was one aspect of Racial Purity laws?
Marriages between Germans and Jews were prohibited
What issue caused German citizens to be willing to accept new leadership?
the lack of job availability
What did Hitler promise in order to gain support of the German youth?
comradeship and honor

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