Rikki Tikki Tavi Study Guide 2014-2015

struggle between two opposing forces

turning point or most intense part of a story

open porch with a roof along the outside of a building

baby bird

brave and determined


wet and dirty, muddy

crouch in fear


huge, vast

The setting of the story
India many years ago

How does Rikki Tikki Tavi come to live at Teddy’s house?
a summer flood washed him out of his burrow

How reader learns about Rikki’s character….
his actions, speech, thought, feelings, and reactions

The main conflict of the story is…
Rikki and the cobras

NOT a source of story conflict…
Darzee builds his nest high up in a tree

TRUE statement of conflict…

Which event causes the war in the story?
cobras decided to kill Rikki before he kills them

Darzee the tailorbird is afraid of:

Why does Nag hide in the bathroom?
He wants to surprise Rikki by attacking him in the house

If Teddy’s father had not used his__________, Rikki-tikki might have ________
gun, killed

Rikki’s character can be described as
brave, determined

Why is Rikki able to fight the large snakes?
He instinctively knows how to fight them

The climax of the story…
Rikki chases Nagaina into her burrow

Why is it unwise to follow a cobra into a hole?
the hole might allow the cobra to turn and strike

Darzee’s wife and Nagaina are similar because…
they take action when their husbands fail

The resolution of the story shows that…
Rikki gained experience fighting snakes and changed as he matured and grew

The event that does NOT help resolve the conflicts….
Darzee sings a mournful song

The animal characters seem human because…
they communicate with one another

Rikki fighting Nagaina to protect the human family is an example of….
character vs. character

Character vs. Character is….
an external conflict

Chuchundra being afraid to go out into the middle of the room is an example of…
character vs. himself

Character vs. himself is…
an internal conflict

Rikki is trying to decide how to go about fighting Nag in the bathroom is…
character vs self

Rikki gets washed out of his burrow by a high summer flood….
character vs nature

character vs nature is….
an external conflict

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