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Big Business Launch (BBL)
This is the event at which a Consultant officially opens for business. There are many different ways to hold your BBL and it is often done with the help of a Sponsor and/or Upline.
Commissionable Volume (CV)
The commissionable value assigned to each commissionable product for calculation of commissions
Consultant Replenishment Program (CRP)
The optional program for replacing the products you use regularly, shipped to you every 30 days.
RFx Express Business Kit ($995)
The RFx Express Business Kit, valued at over $1,900, is designed for the serious business builder. Featuring a full box of the new REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines, the patent pending REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™ and AMP MD™ System, the AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller Display Unit, a regimen of your choice and all four Rodan + Fields® Regimens along with other best-selling products, our RFx Express Business Kit has everything you need to begin quickly building your Rodan + Fields business.
Big Business Launch Kit ($695)
The Big Business Launch Kit, valued at over $1,300, is designed to support our BBL duplication model. Featuring two pairs of the new ACUTE CARE™ Skincare for Expression Lines, our patent-pending REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™ and AMP MD System™, a regimen of your choice and our REDEFINE, REVERSE and SOOTHE Multi-Med® Therapy regimens and other best-selling products.
Personal Results Kit ($395)
This Personal Results kit, valued at over $500, includes a Multi-Med® Therapy regimen of your choice, our top-selling REDEFINE Regimen and several of our best-selling products.
Business Portfolio ($45)
The Business Portfolio includes the REDEFINE DVD which includes the Doctors’ Business Introduction, the REDEFINE Overview and Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Testimonial videos.
Personal Website (PWS)
Personalized websites provided by Rodan + Fields to a Consultant participating in the optional subscription Pulse Business Management Suite.
Preferred Customer (PC)
Loyalty Customers enrolled in the Preferred Customer Perks Program who enjoy automatic delivery of their favorite R+F products every 60 days, up to 10% off all products, free shipping on replenishment orders and more.
Policies and Procedures (P)
The guidelines by which we conduct our business.
Prescription For Change™ Foundation (PFC)
The Prescription for Change Foundation is Rodan + Fields’ charitable foundation. Established by founders Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the PFC has a stated philosophy of giving back to communities and charity organizations doing meaningful work.
Personally Sponsored Qualifying Volume
A proprietary suite of web-based tools that provides business and Customer relationship management resources to R+F Consultants to support team growth, product sales, downline productivity and Customer satisfaction and retention.
Sales Volume (SV)
The volume associated with each product that qualifies a Consultant to be eligible for Commissions. SV consists of the:
Qualifying Volume of a Consultant’s personal purchases; and/or
Qualifying Volume of product sales made by a Consultant’s Retail Customers.
A Consultant does not receive Commission on SV; however, a Consultant does receive Retail Profit from sales to a Consultant’s Retail Customers.
Terms and Conditions (T)
The rules associated with the many Incentives Programs offered by Rodan + Fields.
Title Advancement Levels
EC – Executive Consultant (100 SV and 600 PSQV)
LI – Level I (1 EC Leg)
LII – Level II (2 EC Legs)
LIII – Level III (4 EC Legs)
LIV – Level IV (6 EC Legs)
LV – Level V (8 EC Legs)
RFx – Rodan + Fields Extreme (15 EC Legs, 5 of which are LV)

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