Reverdie Recitation Essay Example
Reverdie Recitation Essay Example

Reverdie Recitation Essay Example

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  • Published: July 18, 2017
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Last Sunday on Father's Day, I recited a verse form that I had memorized to my father. Prior to memorizing the verse form, I desired to comprehend it thoroughly. Initially, I struggled to comprehend the significance of all the words and the verse form itself. After studying it several times, I eventually comprehended the writer's intended message. Subsequently, I endeavored to memorize the verse form, as this was my first time reading English literature. Additionally, certain phrases were unfamiliar and difficult to memorize. Despite these challenges, I persisted until I had successfully memorized every word of the verse form. I then practiced reciting it in front of a mirror until I felt confident in my delivery. During my recitation on Father's Day, my father appeared amu


sed and perplexed due to the use of Old English words which were unexpected by him. However, after reciting the poem once again, he seemed to comprehend its meaning more clearly.I attempted to elucidate the significance of the verse form to him. Although I explained it several times, he eventually comprehended it. Furthermore, I discussed Chaucer and the tales with him to provide a better understanding of the poem's context. My explanation of the poem's origin and author led me to believe that he truly understood it. This recitation was a new experience for me since I had never declaimed a poem like this before. It reminded me of my enjoyable high school memories. Overall, I relished memorizing it despite its difficulty because my father immensely appreciated it in the end.

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