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Job title

The title of the job is “Restaurant crew member”. The job requires either part time or full time employee to join the restaurant crew members. Basically, the restaurant crew members fall in the category of food service

Job location

Generally, the job is located in 2501 Northwest Monroe Avenue in Corvallis. This location is in a city. Basically, the job of a restaurant crew member is done inside the hotel and rarely outside. The restaurant crew members don’t have their own offices or rooms, but rather share room with others. The working environment of a restaurant crew member is cool, but busy.

Job Duties Preparing the food assigned to them properly, precisely, timely and with professionalism Pursuing the recipes precisely and upholding the procedures used to prepare various kinds of foods. Such procedures include seasoning, marinating, slicing etc Preparing food consistently as required depending on the customer demand Maintaining effective portion management and constantly checking the food amount on the line. Maintaining the desirable food conduct, measures and hygiene standards while making the food


The advertisement doesn’t provide the salary description for the job. However, after a deep research, I found out that they pay restaurant crew members salary of $8 – $12 per hour.

Candidate’s requirements/preferences The ideal candidate should be able to establish a good working relationships with all his work mates and offer assistance needed to or when called upon to do so. One should be keen to converse politely as well as listen to the guests and other work mates keenly One should be able to act professionally and remain positive and passionate to all assignments given. Additionally, the candidate should exhibit an exceptional service to the guests as well as adapting to the demands of the customers. In addition to the above, the candidate shoud demonstrate a complete understanding of the menu and ability to follow the requirements for recipes and hygiene requirements. One should be able to learn quickly about the various processes of the kitchen Ideal candidate should be able to speak and understand the main language used in the location Whereas for this job previous experience is not necessary, one must have a high school diploma

Analysis of the Job

The organization seems to have a specific dress code for its crew members for uniformity and ease of identification by guests’ purposes as well as due to hygiene reasons. The primary language used is English. The company uses formal language. From the advertisement, the company promotes young people with a passion for restaurant jobs. To work in the organization a candidate must have a keen eye for detail and be able to follow instructions; to add to that a person should be flexible enough to be able to handle to fluctuating number of guests. The job is applied online and the first step is to accept the company policy. After accepting the policy, you are directed to a page where you can sign up. You are supposed to enter your email address, username and address to sign up. After sign up, to complete the application you need to go through ten steps including personal information, general information, General information continued, Shift availability, work experience, Education, references, signature, Questionnaire and summary. Having considered the entire requirement for the job as well as the responsibilities and salary, I found out that the job did not match my skills and objectives. For instance, my qualification is much beyond the required qualification of the job. Consequently, I agreed with the outcome of MBTI.

Part II

Company report

Organization type

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a private restaurant with that deals with burritos, tacos and burrito bowl. Basically, the company deals with preparation of foods and selling to their customers. The restaurant is well renowned for processing of burritos through natural components.

Organization philosophy

The company mission statement is “food with integrity” (Jesse Russell 23). This phrase may be interpreted in various ways. Food with integrity may mean that the company has put more efforts of preparing food using natural ingredients which give the food high quality in terms of its effect to the body of the client. Additionally, high quality foods is determined by the preparation methods, the urgency and respond to customers demand instantly as well as appropriate services from the crew members.

Organization leaders

The founder of Chipotle restaurant was Steve Ells. Ellis opened this restaurant in July 1993 when he has 27 years old (Jesse Russell 24). Chipotle launched its second location in 1995, and six more locations in 1996. Steve Ellis was appointed to be the CEO of the company as well as the chairman of board in 2005. Other leaders of the company include Mark Crumpacker who is the president and Board member. Other board members are Jason Von Rohr and Mike McGawn . The company secretary and treasury are Chris Arnold and Ryan Murrin respectively.

Relevant information

Chipotle has been using organic as well as natural ingredients such as pork and beef to prepare their food. Similarly, the company employs modern cooking technique in their processing and preparation of food

Organization location

Chipotle organizations are located in various places of United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Generally, the company began in a place called Colorado in United States and has grown to various locations of the world. The first size of Chipotle was estimated to be 800 square feet However, currently, the locations of Chipotle are estimated to be 2800 square feet with an investment of $249,000 (Scheintaub 45)

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