Respiratory System Test Answers

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respiratory systemexchange oxygen from the air with C02 from the blood
nasal cavitygenerally the first entrance of air into the chest cavity
warmed and filteredtwo things which happen to the air upon entering the nasal cavity
mucous membranesecretes sticky mucus that traps dust particles and other foreign substances found in the air
pharynx and larynxthe passageway of air after leaving the nasal cavity
tracheathe windpipe
right and left bronchiwhat the trachea branches into
bronchussingular for bronchi
bronchiallows the air to enter the two lungs
thoracic cavityhouses the two lungs
right lungslightly larger than the left
three lobesassociated with the right lung only
two lobesassociated with the left lung only
pleurathe slippery membrane covering the lungs
16 breaths per minuteaverage number of breaths for most normal humans
number of alveoliconsists of about 300 million of these tiny air sacs
function of the alveoliallow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between your blood and the air
what happens when you inhale?air enters the aveoli
oxygen's movementfrom the alveoli into the surrounding blood capillaries and carried by the blood to every part of the body
carbon dioxide movement from the body cells is released from the blood into the alveoli and travels up your respiratory tubes as you exhale
diaphramthe muscle that helps you breath by contracting to create more space in your thoracic cavity
phrenic nervesignals the diaphragm muscle to contract

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