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1. Study information This study will primarily explore: 1. current practices and tools used for financial reporting, and 2. user satisfaction with these current practices. 2. Methodology The study will be conducted as a parallel study via Telephone and Internet.

Both Internet and telephone questionnaires will contain identical questions. Respondents will be given their choice of the Internet or telephone methodology. 3. Sample The total sample for the telephone survey and survey via Internet should not be below 50 to have a valid data obtained from these financial executives who are responsible for financial reporting in a company.

A variety of industries should be represented. 4. Technology The Internet on-line survey instrument will an HTML document located on a Web page. Respondents will be given a common password and directed to the Web page address (URL) to fill out the survey. 5. Privacy A high degree of confidentiality will be utilized in this research.

To this end, the survey will be used to re-contact only those people who are interested in such a relationship, and respects the privacy of those who are not interested. Timescale Data will be gathered during a 6-month period including the analysis.Using the Internet as a marketing research tool is very important nowadays and will become even more important in the future. As the supporting infrastructure develops to a degree that video and voice transmission become efficient and the audience expands globally, penetrating more sectors of societies, research applications will also increase.

Moreover, internet research may prove to be cheaper, quicker, and as reliable as classical methods.Resources1. Benson, Joel. (2000).

“Internet Research: Some Notes and Observations form a Skeptic. ” Article on MRA Website.

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