Regulatory Policy

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The Reason For Regulation
In a mixed market economy , the government regulates business only when necessary .
– A mixed market economy allows producers and consumers to make economic choices
– The government regulates those choices
Financial Oversight and Operations
To fulfill legal and financial regulations , business must:
– report their revenue and earnings to the government
– disclose information about assets they sell
Financial Oversight and Competition
Financials regulations to make businesses competitive but fair .
– Limiting and preventing monopolies
-Placing regulations on prices
– Protecting innovation by issuing patents , trademarks , and copyrights
Public Safety
Protecting consumers – Product safety laws and advertising laws
Protecting the environment – pollution laws , and business activity laws
Protecting workers – safety laws, equal opportunity laws and wage laws
regulation enforcement
A regulatory agency enforces government regulations in a specific area of the economy.
– Is part of the executive branch
– Is staffed with experts in the area it regulates
– Decided how regulatory laws will be enforced
Securities and Exchange commission
The SEC is an independent agency that regulates finance
– Oversees brokers , dealers , and advisers , as well as mutual funds and exchanges
– Can bring a civil suits against individuals or businesses breaking securities laws
legislate: to create a law

mixed market economy: an economy that balances government intervention with free enterprise

monopoly: a situation in which only one business is able to supply a specific good or service

regulations: government rules specifying a procedure

regulatory agency: a government commission that regulates a specific area of the economy

revenue: the total amount of money received for goods or services delivered throughout the year

Occupational safety and health administration
The occupational safety and health administration enforces workplace safety regulations
– Overseen by the department of Labor
– Investigates complaints , inspects workplaces and imposes fines and penalties
The environmental Protection Agency
The EPA is an independent agency that :
– Legislates and enforces regulations that protect the environment
– has significantly reduced the amount of environmental pollution
The federal communication commission
– regulates our country’s communications infrastructure
– ensures that new communication technology is compatible with existing technology
– signs frequencies to television , radio, cable , and satellite providers

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