Red Kayak Study Guide

The setting takes place on a ________ _________.
Maryland Riverbank

The boys thought they saw __. ________
Mr. DiAngelo

When Ben was in the water, who helped Brady find him?

When Ben died, who gave the news to Brady?
His Mom

After reading the book, you now know that the kayak was sabotaged. Whose idea was it to do this FIRST?

Mr. DiAngelo blamed someone for Ben’s death. Who?
his wife

This story is told from what point of view?
1st person.

Tell 3 reasons why the butterfly gardens are important in the book.

They lifted Ms. DiAngelo’s spirits
____ ________ ___ __ ___
His mom used one to cope with Amanda’s death

They reminded her of Ben.

J.T and Digger confess to the crime at the beginning of the trial. How did that affect Brady?
He gave his friends the idea

Why did Brady hide truth that the kayak was sunk on purpose?
He was afraid he would get in trouble

What was used to sabotage the kayak and caused it to sink?
Brady’s father’s drill

Who did Brady tell what happened with the kayak first?
his father

Father is abusive and he wants to be a Navy Seal

Brady’s role model cousin

Main character

Owner of the tool that caused the kayak to sink
Brady’s father

Makes a butterfly garden in memory of Ben
Brady and Mrs. DiAngelo

Friend of Brady lives on a kind of farm

Leaves town because can’t handle the death of Ben
Mr. DiAngelo

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