Reasons why College Athletes Should be Paid Essay Example
Reasons why College Athletes Should be Paid Essay Example

Reasons why College Athletes Should be Paid Essay Example

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  • Published: February 5, 2022
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Athletics is a multi-billion dollar business. College athletes should be paid because like any other sport, athletics comes with its own share of money which ends up with a few individuals in the name of management. The organizations responsible for sports collect much money across college sports and athletic is one of them. There are various players who are paid for examples in football and basketball. During the athletic game, people normally fill the stadium to watch hence a lot of money is made. The athletes should not be restricted from a worthy pay other than their expenses because the sport creates a good amount of money.

The game does not interfere with the athletes’ education just like any other. College athletic is a commercial initiative like other sports and the only difference is that the players are students. Tourna


ments are usually sold to televisions. It is therefore morally wrong to restrict the athletes from profiting from what they are worth (Smith&Ronald, 2). The coaches are usually highly paid as well as their assistants make millions. Coaches and their assistants make their money out of these professionals but they are not paid. Coaches are unfairly paid considering that they have assistants. Officials should stop being self-centered benefiting from money made by athletes and leaving them penniless.

College athletes should be paid and the mentality that exist that paying them will ruin other sports be wiped out. This claim is not true because students engage in the sports of their choice and normally they participate in what they have a passion for. They should be paid since what they do provide income and worth and it is evidentl

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seen in officials and coaches’ salaries. In fact if the income brought by athletic is managed well, athletes should be well paid and it should not be assumed that scholarship alone is enough for them. With the kind of money made in athletics and the administration always saying that there is no money to pay them, it is evident there will never be enough money and this calls for intervention (Rosner,, 672). Athletes should not be viewed as worthless by the management and continue to misuse their money because spectators appreciate what they do hence they pay expensive tickets to watch.

Another reason why the athletes should be paid is that they spend a lot time on the game as in they are loyal. When well calculated the students have a tight college schedule to follow so that they maintain their scholarship as well as be active in the game. As a result they should be paid because they work extra hard to balance education and the game and they physically endure fatigue that comes with both (Yagelski& Robert, 347). A different reason why they should be paid is that they have requirements which need to be met.

The fact that they are on scholarships that cover some costs for example fees and accommodation does not mean that they do not have other expenditures. There are other costs which the tuition does not cover and which are associated with being an athlete for instance buying suits for compulsory banquets. There are essential expenses for instance athletes may find themselves starving when they spend much time studying and training and may find that the dining facilities have

closed. This could only mean that they will spend money to find alternative means of eating the scholarship does not cover such situations.

There are also other costs that are not covered by scholarships for example clothes. These might seem like very minor needs but most students do not come from well up families and scholarships are the only reason they are in college. Some of their parents are not to the kind to look up to hence they need some money to sustain them. Instead of getting part-time jobs while their coach is pocketing a lot, they should be paid.

A different reason is that if they are paid the game is made competitive. If the athletes are paid depending on their worth and performance, this will definitely motivate them to put more effort so that they maintain their positions. Such motivation will also lead to a good team because the under-performing athletes will work hard to get to the top. If the students are paid they would be settled and would concentrate on their studies and the game hence good results and more money to the team.

A different reason why they should be paid is because it will help them become good money managers. Managing money is very important not only to students but also later in life. Paying these students will mean that they will be able to manage money while they are still young and even in future when they will be having much money they will practically apply that and be in a better position to manage it. Paying college athletes will additionally help them to save. Many young people do not

understand the importance of saving and this would be a good opportunity because it will also helpful to them in future.

An additional reason is that paying athletes ensures that they leave school with something more than a degree. It is the dream of every athlete that they will become professionals and hence they train hard. The key goal of any passionate athlete is to join the national athletic team which automatically comes with a fat salary. Since it is not every athlete who ends up in the national team, paying students will sustain them before they get jobs. This means that after the four year courses in college, they will have money and a degree.

The job market has become competitive and they will live comfortable lives after they are through with education. An extra reason why they should be paid is because the money generated from athletics is not reinvested in education or athletic related programs. Sadly the revenue acquired from athletics always end up with some individuals for example administrators and directors. At times the money is even used to fund non-athletic scholarships. Since the money is often spent through the wrong channels, the athletes should receive their share because they are the main reason that the revenue is made.

College athletes should also be paid because normally colleges recruit students with top talent as well as those who are bright. Those bright students become good players who in return attract a lot of fans. College athletic usually helps in marketing the school all together making money for the school. In other words the athletic game advertises the school as well as creating a good reputation

therefore acquiring more students to come and study at their particular college. A different reason why they should be paid is because during the game they endanger their lives because the game is associated with risks.

There are instances where player get injuries to an extent of being banned from playing in their future and their careers are destroyed. The athletes usually sacrifice their bodies and health. They should be paid at least for compensation (Comeaux & Eddie, 89). In summary the college athletes should be paid because they dedicate themselves to the game and also manage to multitask with their education .It is sad that the revenue gained benefits other people other than the players.

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