College Athletes Should Not Be Paid
College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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  • Published: November 5, 2021
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There has been a broad open deliberation on whether division 1 players should be paid or not. Currently, the colleges across the United States have been rewarding these players with lump sum amount of money as their salary. The benefits these players acquire have attracted the attention of the public, especially the student and the community as a whole whether these people should actually get paid.
This debate always arises March of every year when there is NCAA Men’s basketball tournaments commence, and when the college football games begin. To most media and the sport report articles, they see the need of not paying these players. While to college managements, they justify the need to pay these players.

The amount of benefits in terms of finances, ranging from scholarship to monthly payment make it stricken a jealous reaction from other classes of students who are not talented in the sports, and the entire public who feel that it is a waste of resource to compensate these sports students. (Wolverton, 2013). Division one players are those students who are endowed with first class talents, expressed in their excellent skills of the university sports grounds.

To the school management, these division one studen


ts’ players are classified as members of their employment stuff, as they provide services to the colleges in which they study. In the fact that games are co-curriculum activities carried by the students, they see a need to pay them as they consider them as their employees. This is the stand according to the college management office.
To the debating students and the entire community is that these division one players are equally students as the rest of others. They do not see the need to compensate them for the use and enjoyment of the college facilities to use and express their talents. In this case study, the focus will be to investigate the reasons for the payments and not paying these players. It will also give a clear stand on whether they should be paid or not.

Grounds for the Payment

There are several reasons why the college administrations have been paying these division one players. These reasons can be analyzed, and the following are some of these reasons:

According to most debates, seventy percent of the participants see the needs to compensate the talented college sportsmen. This depends on the way that, the NCAA makes billions of dollars from their talents. The players are just entitled to less than one percent of this money. As reported by US Today, the organizations make six million dollars per annum. This excludes 206 billion dollars cast bets during the NCAA tournaments. (Tracy, 2015)More so, it is very unjust to the players by the fact that they are the subject matters in the context, yet that get very little pay.

The second reason for the favor of the payment of division 1 college players is the fact that their names are being sold. That is, the NCAA uses their name for business.

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This is shown by printing the players’ names on t-shirts and then selling them to the public. This selling of these clothes makes the organization earn a lot of profit. This profit should, therefore, be given to the players due to the fact that, it is their identity and name which of used for sell the shirts.

These players are always put in video games, and as a result, these games are as well used for commercial purposes. An example of such games is the NCAA basketball and the NCAA Football video games, which have actually been selling across the American country. To most people who oppose the payment of these division 1 plates, their argument is based on the fact that these people are just but ammeters. This is a very wrong perception, because, in the actual sense, 45% of the American population has a keen interest in the college sports, and about twenty-nine million do attend the college sports event. (Robert A. et.el, 2006)This is a clear indication that these people generate a lot of income to the organization that makes then have a right to a lump Sam compensation.

The division 1 athletes do not always get time to do part time jobs as the other college students. This is because; they spend most of their time in the field training. It is approximated that, they spend around six hours per week in the training grounds. According to report, this time does not include the time they spend in participating in the competition and the quantity of hours they spend in traveling. Because of these commitments, they do not have a chance to make money from part-time jobs. The fact that they have the scholarship for their tuitions fee does not allow them to get money for the necessary kinds of stuff like food. Therefore, it is very essential that they are compensated by the NCAA so as to be able to meet their financial needs.

It is likewise basic to note that these division 1 players are prone to injuries as they practice and during their games in the tournaments. The scholarship policies do not always cater for these lesions, in that, when a person stops playing due to accidents in the field, the scholarship is withdrawn. Being that the scholarship is based on the annual contracts, these students may find it difficult to pay for their fees once they get injuries and the scholarship is withdrawn. In this case, it is essential for the NCAA to pay these players so as to secure their financial stability throughout their education in the colleges.

There are several factors that make division 1 athletes very crucial in the college environment, apart from giving the college its identity, it also gives the college’s avenue to entertain themselves and provide an environment full of entertainment. (Kenneth L, et.el, 1991)This always makes the college very lively and relative. The way that they have the grant for their educational costs charge does not permit them to get cash for the fundamental sorts of stuff like sustenance. In this way, it is extremely fundamental that they

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